Question :

There is an alcohol called Ethyl (also known as Ethanol) which is supposed to be in many normal drinks, by a percentage of around 0.05%. A beverage company has openly admitted it on their website but also states that it is possible for permissible consumption. The amount seems so small, I am sure in essence it changes and does not remain in its original form. I would like your view if those drinks with ethyl are permissible or not?

Answer :

Every liquid that can cause intoxication naturally is impure - Najis and prohibited to consume. If alcohol is added to a drink then it is prohibited to consume, If the amount was little in such a way that it does not exist - because of its small percentage, then it is prohibited because it is prohibited to consume impure things, If the amount was little but can be distinguished, then it is prohibited due to the prohibition of consuming wine and the prohibition of impure things.