Day Questions

I want to proceed with a temporary marriage with a Christian woman who is not a virgin, but I am not yet sure if she lost her virginity in accordance to her religion or with the acceptance of her father. What are the necessary conditions to how she lost her virginity for her not to need her parent's permission?

If she lost her virginity by adultery, then the consent of her father or grandfather is a condition in the validity of consummating the temporary marriage. The temporary marriage contract without consummating the marriage does not require the permission of the guardian. The permission of the guardian is not required if his religion does not require it for the validity of the marriage. The permission is also not required if the conventional understanding is that the daughter has absolute freedom in choosing her husband without referring to her father.

Is it permissible to keep a hamster as a pet?

It is permissible to keep it as a pet and its hair is not najis. But if its hair sticks to one’s clothes, his prayer is invalid as an obligatory precaution.

When I was in school I went to a supermarket with my friends and I stole a magazine, this again was before I was practicing Islam. Now the supermarket isn't there and there is a new one. So, my question is how should I atone for this? Should I give money to charity on their behalf?

You should look for the shop owner and pay him/her the said amount and you do not need to inform the owner why you are paying when you find him/her. If you could not reach him/her, it is enough to be prepared to pay the owner his/her dues when possible. Paying the amount as a charity on behalf of the owner when he/she can not be reached is a good thing but it is not mandatory and does not remove the obligation on you to satisfy the owner whenever you can reach him/her.