Day Questions

I live in a joint family, and this has caused many problems amongst the family, and this has led me to listening to backbiting and committing other sins. I wish to get away from this and shun it during the Holy Month of Ramadan so that my fast is not affected by it. Please give me advice on how to do so.

<p style="text-align: left;">We appreciate your concern for your religious responsibilities and your interest in not falling in committing sins. We wish to clarify that hearing the backbiting does not invalidate the fast nor does it invalidate the prayers. It is not even prohibited. What is prohibited is reacting to the backbiting and becoming a part of it and supporting it.<br /> You are encouraged to be busy with reciting and studying the Holy Quran and supplications, offering prayers and giving in charity, and maintaining your relations to your kin during this month.<br /> If you are forced to be in a situation that necessitates you to listen to the backbiting, you can suggest to them to stop this in a calm and nice way. May Allah guide them to stop committing such sins.</p>

Can I open a non-interest bank account, where monthly draws will also take place, based on the amount of money in the account?

If the contract of opening the bank account does not include this as a condition, then it is permissible to open it and claim the prize.

Sometimes we burp and a little bit of food comes to the top of the throat. If one swallows it, does it invalidate the fast?

<p style="text-align: left;">If it has reached the mouth, the fast is void if it is swallowed.</p>

Is it possible to do a tattoo of living creatures, considering that draw them is prohibited?

It is prohibited to draw such pictures and it is prohibited to hire somebody to do it for the individual, but if one has such tattoos it is not obligatory to remove it.

What names are recommended, according to the teachings of the Imams (peace be upon them), to give to a child?

<p style="text-align: left;">Some narrations state that it is recommended to name children after the names of the prophets and the names that refer to the servitude of the Lord, like "Abdullah". Also, we find emphasis in some reports on certain names like Muhammad, Ali, Hasan, Hussein, Ja'far, Talib and Hamza, and amongst the female names, Fatima.</p>