Day Questions

Is the Hadith-e-Kisa Authentic?

There were texts narrated that the Prophet gathered his household under the “Kissa”, blanket which indicate clearly that the incident took place. The narrations were different in the exact wording. At the ending of the book of Mefatihul Jinan , there is one version of this narration from some hadith books.

Most of the banks propose to their clients mortgage loans with interest payments. Is it permissible for a Muslim to take these loans knowing that he will be obliged to pay interest for them?

It is not allowed to take mortgage loans with interest from private banks. It is permissible from government banks without the intention of borrowing, but the individual collects the funds on behalf of his Eminence (may Allah prolong his life) and then takes ownership of them after that. Interest is then paid just like paying taxes to the government.

Can a man shave his mustache and beard? Is your ruling based on Ihtiyaat? I am unemployed and have to survive my family. A job is offered to me and they asked me to shave. I am confused about this regards.

It is not permissible to shave. The ruling is a verdict and not based on precaution – Ihtiyaat . You are advised to look for a permissible kind of livelihood as almighty Allah is with whoever looks for a permissible sustenance.