Day Questions

Do I have to follow one Marja in a particular issue, or can I follow more than one in that issue, choosing one of their edicts?

If the edicts of the Marjas are different in any particular issue, one must follow the most knowledgeable. If his opinion is an obligatory precaution, one has a choice of following him by acting upon the precaution or referring to another Marja provided that the latter is more knowledge than the rest of the Marjas.

What are the recommended Surahs after Al-Fatiha to recite for the five daily prayers?

It is recommended to recite after Al-Fatiha:For Fajr prayers: chapters 78 (Al-Naba'a), 76 (Al-Insan), 88 (Al-Ghashiya) and 90 (Al-Balad). For Dhuhr and Isha prayers: Chapters 87 (Al-A’ala), 91 (Al-Shams) and the like.For Asr and Maghrib prayers: Chapters 110 (Al-Nasr) and 102 (Al-Takathur).

If a married girl is not willing to continue her married life, if she runs away forever and does not return, will she be considered divorced or will she remain in wedlock to her husband?

Her running away is not sufficient as a divorce. She is still considered as married. We advise her to try to solve the conflicts with her husband with reason and wisdom, and avoid any actions that have negative consequences.