Day Questions

My father is still alive and he has given some property to me. Now, my sisters say that they want inheritance. Is there any inheritance from a living person?

There is no inheritance from a living person. If you received the property and it became under your control, then you own it. It is not considered as part of your father’s inheritance after his death. If you did not receive it, then it is considered as inheritance after the death of your father.

If I was to volunteer in a homeless shelter in a non-Muslim country, is it a good deed?

The mentioned work is good and it gives a good impression about Islam and Muslims especially when you serve non-Muslims.

According to another Marja synthetic alcohol is Tahir and it is allowed to use perfume containing such alcohol; however, Sayyed Al-Hakeem considers alcohol as Najis. Both of them are Marjas of Taqleed, so why are their verdicts opposite? I am following Sayyed Al-Hakeem, so what should I do?

The difference in deriving the laws between religious jurists naturally originates from their difference in understanding the religious texts or considering some of them over the others. His Eminence, Sayyid Al-Hakeem (may Allah prolong his life) sees that alcohol is Najis, if it is an intoxicant and naturally liquid. Based on this, the prayer is invalid if the praying person’s body or clothes came in contact with it. So if you follow his Eminence, the mentioned law should be observed.

If my father does not accept my marriage to a particular girl, is the marriage still accepted by Allah?

The acceptance of your father does not affect the validity of your marriage since it is not mandatory for the son to have his father's permission in getting married. However, try to convince him of your decision since the father has a great position of respect and appreciation from his children in Islamic ethics.