His Eminence Grand Ayatollah al-Hakeem advises the preachers from Pakistan to reach the remote areas to spread the message of Islam and the Ahlulbait

His Eminence Grand Ayatollah al-Hakeem advises the preachers from Pakistan to reach the remote areas to spread the message of Islam and the Ahlulbait

His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Saeed al-Hakeem spoke to male and female preachers from Pakistan of the necessity of reaching the remote areas of Pakistan in order to teach the people there the Islamic laws, and to invite them to the True Path, and to propagate to them the message of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them).

This advice was also directed especially towards the female preachers. After exerting their efforts in learning and studying, they must undertake their duties as preachers, by explaining the Islamic laws pertaining to women, so that the women can benefit from them in those areas. His Eminence continued to advise preachers towards having good behavior and etiquettes, humility, and keeping close to other believers, so that every one of them can fulfil their duties towards God in a manner that pleases Him, the Prophet and the Infallibles (peace be upon them all).

At the end, His Eminence supplicated to God that He accept the guests’ ziyarah and good deeds, and He answers their calls, and He supports them in their endeavors and duties, while interacting with others with love, compassion, honesty and humility. He prayed that He gives them the fruit of their good acts in this life and in the Hereafter. He is, indeed, All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

Day Questions

Can I perform wudhu for prayers by immersing the parts of wudhu in water, like in ghusl?

It is not necessary to use the hands in washing the face and arms during wudhu. It is valid to wash them by placing them under the tap directly, such that they are washed from the top downwards. It is also a condition of the wudhu to wipe the head and the feet with the dampness on the hand that originates from the wudhu process only, and not to allow the hand to become wet from other than that before wiping.In light of the above, before one proceeds to wiping the head and feet, one should ensure that a part of the left arm is unwashed before using the right hand to wash the left arm, in order for the right hand to have only the water of wudhu on it. Otherwise, the water on the right hand might be extra water and wiping with it will invalidate the wudhu.

Isn’t cloning changing khalk Allah - Creation?

There is no proof that changing the creation of Allah is prohibited in an absolute way since there is no doubt in the permissibility of beauty surgeries.

I deposited money in governmental national savings bank in Pakistan, knowing it will give me twelve percent interest after ten years. How should I withdraw the money in His Eminence’s name, and how much should I give to the needy by your permission?

It is necessary when receiving the funds from such banks to intend to receive them on behalf of His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah Al-Hakeem (may Allah prolong his life), and to then take ownership of the funds after that, including the interest. You should then pay the financial religious obligations that Almighty Allah has ordered you to pay. You should also use some of these funds to help needy believers.