Day Questions

If time is short and I know my clothing is najis, should I make the dress tahir and then make the prayer up afterwards or should I just ensure that I perform the prayers first so as to not make it qadha and then wash my clothes?

<p style="text-align: left;">If the only clothing available is najis, offering the prayer in such clothing is valid in cases of cold weather or similar necessities. If it can be taken off, the prayer should be offered twice, once with it and once while naked, based on compulsory precaution.<br /> The mentioned necessity rarely occurs in our time since making use of a covering material during prayer is easily done. If not usual clothing, it can be anything like sheets, blankets or similar things as long as the private parts (as defined by the Sharia) are covered for the males and all parts of the body that must be covered for females are covered.</p>

I have heard that if a person fails to do taqleed, all of his good deeds will be invalidated, no matter how virtuous a devotee he may be. Is this true?

<p style="text-align: left;">The individual – who has not reached the level of ijtihad, nor does he act on precaution between the edicts of the mujtahids – cannot guarantee the correctness of his deeds before Almighty Allah, unless they correspond to the edicts of a religious scholar who is an expert in Islamic jurisprudence, i.e. a mujtahid. Referring to the expert will relieve him from liability if the edicts of the mujtahid do not conform to the actual legislated laws of Allah Almighty. Without following the expert mujtahid, the person will be held responsible before The Almighty if the actions and transactions were not really in accordance to the religion.</p>

I was following a Mujtahid who I believed to be worthy of being a Marja, but I later realized after some research that and he was not the most knowledgeable and his ijtihad was questionable. A trusted person told me that a particular Marja was amongst the most knowledgeable Mujtahids, and I began following him although I was not certain that He was the most knowledgeable. Is my taqleed valid?

If it has been proven to you via religious evidence that there are Marjas who are more knowledgeable than the Marja that you used to follow, you should refrain from following the latter and search for the most knowledgeable amongst those Marjas. If you could determine him by religious evidence then you should emulate him. If you could not, you must choose the most pious amongst them and if the said is not possible too, you can choose one of them and emulate him.