Day Questions

If I want to marry temporarily a Christian girl who, in her religion, does not need the permission of the father to get married, can we thus form a temporary marriage contract and be allowed to consummate the marriage without his permission?

If the consent of the guardian is not required based on his religion, it is permissible to marry his virgin daughter without his permission. The permission is also not required if the father mandates his daughter to deal with the matter of her marriage.

Is it permissible for males and females to pluck their eyebrows?

Lightening the eyebrows for the sake of beautifying is permissible for women. If it is to imitate women, then it is prohibited for men.

Does washing clothes with detergent in a washing machine make the najis clothes tahir?

If one piece of clothing is najis, then washing it with tahir clothes makes all clothes being washed najis even if detergent is used. They do not become tahir again unless they were washed with unmixed tahir water.