Day Questions

Is it recommended to look towards the stone of a ring during Qunoot?

It is not proven that doing so is recommended.

Is it forbidden to work on Friday after hearing the Adhan at noon?

Work is not prohibited after the Adhan on Fridays, since one has the choice at that time between offering Friday prayer or Dhuhr prayer, and the obligation is in between these two choices.

For the father to make his daughter in charge of her own marriage, must he explicitly mentioned this to her? Or does it suffice that he allows her to be in sexual relationships with whomever she wills, basically to seek her own partner, and that when asked if she would be able to marry whoever she wills without the consent of her father she replies in the affirmative?

The consent of the guardian does not have to be direct and explicit in order for the girl to be considered in charge of her marriage. It suffices that she has absolute freedom in choosing her husband, in the manner described, in such a way that she is not recognized by the social standard to be bypassing the right of the guardian when she chooses a husband without referring to him.