Day Questions

A man’s mother died from the disease of female genital mutilation in his youth. Then he made a covenant (ahd) with Allah Almighty to become a professional gynecologist, and treat women with similar problems. Is this covenant valid and obligatory to observe? Is it allowed for a Muslim to work as a gynecologist or obstetrician?

The said covenant (ahd) is correct and one should act upon it if the profession is required to prevent harm from reaching Muslim women. It is not obligatory to act on it if there are enough Muslim female physicians. It is permissible take up such a profession, and it is permissible to deliver babies when necessary.

If we deposit some amount in the bank and they offer some profit to us, is it permissible to take it?

If it is an unconditional grant, not pursuant to any loan contract, then it is permissible to take it.

What is the Islamic position concerning a woman uploading photos of herself with proper hijab online?

It is permissible to do so if it does not involve another prohibition.

Are there are any consequences if Morning Prayer is not prayed at its fixed time?

If the prayer was not offered because the person was asleep, then a sin is not committed, but the person has lost the great reward that Almighty Allah promised for offering prayers on time. In a narration the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny) said: “My intercession will not be granted (on the Day of Judgment) to whoever delayed performing the obligated prayer until after its designated time”.