Day Questions

I work in a store as a cashier, and sometimes a customer tells me to keep the change if he gives me more money, so do I have the option of keeping the change for the store or taking it for myself?

If it was understood that the customer paid the money for you, then you can take it. If he intended to give it to the store, then it should be given to the store.

If the tradition that Paradise is under the feet of mothers is authentic, how can it be understood? Does it mean that the mother of a child has more rights to her child than the father, for example?

The mentioned tradition does not mean that the mother has more rights over the child than the father. Some narrations indicate that being good to the mother is more emphasized than being good to the father.

Is the income of a believing woman lawful if she does not wear hijab at work, voluntarily or because she was required at her workplace not to do so?

A woman must wear the hijab during work and in other places in the presence of non-Mahram. However, if she decided not to, she will be a sinner, but this does not affect the lawfulness of the income that she receives for such a work.

Is the taweedh allowed in Islam?

If the taweedh consists of supplications and verses of the Quran, then it is permissible.

What is the most effective supplication/Ziyarat?

There are lots of zyarats reported by the Ahlulbait (Peace be upon them) like Jamiaa, Warith and Ashura also there are lots of supplications like Kumail and the supplications of Sahifatul Sajjadia.

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