Day Questions

How much is the Diyah after beating someone in the following scenarios:a) If the face is blackened by beating.b) If the face becomes green.c) If it is reddened.d) If it is another part of the body, other than face

The Diyah in beating someone in the face when blackened is six golden dinars. If the face becomes green then it is three dinars. If it becomes red then it is 1.5 dinar. Each dinar is equivalent to 4.25 grams of gold. If the beating was on other than the face, like the hand, leg and foot, or chest then it is half of what is mentioned. If it was on the head then there are various cases with different rulings for the Diyah. All the cases and their rulings are mentioned in details in the book of practical laws.

Is temporary contract valid by agreeing on the time period and dower only, without reciting the formula?

The temporary marriage is not valid if the actual contract was not pronounced.

My wife included in the marriage contract that she has the right to divorce herself whenever she wants. Is this valid?

Such condition in the marriage contact is invalid but it does not invalidate the marriage contact. Yes, if the wife puts a condition in the marriage contract that she will be his agent in divorcing herself in such a way that she cannot be discharged from such appointment and the husband agreed to this, then she can divorce herself on behalf of her husband.

Is one required to have wudhu while touching an English translation of the Holy Quran?

No, one does not need to perform wudhu in order to touch the translation of the Quran.