Day Questions

I have made an oath a few years ago but I now regret having made it, and I would like to cancel it since I find it inconvenient to fulfil it. My understanding is that my father can forbid it, then it would be cancelled. Is this true?

The oath that is obligatory to fulfil is the one which is preceded by the permission of the father. If the son made the oath without informing his father or getting his permission, it is not obligatory to fulfil it.

I know it is obligatory on one to support his father financially. If his father asks his son for money and the son finds out that his father is gambling with it, is it still obligatory on the son to give his father the money?

It is not obligatory on the son to pay money to his father to support him financially. He is obligated to provide sustenance to his father when the latter needs it. This can be done without actually giving him the money.

It has been mentioned on your website that it is allowed to play state-sponsored lottery, but the prize should be collected on behalf of the religious authority (the Marja). How do we collect the prize on behalf of the Marja?

If a believer receives money that is taken from a government organization, and it is known that the money had once belonged to a Muslim, it is still regarded as being owned by him. One can take this money by intending to take it on behalf of the Marja, and then he can assume ownership of it. It is better to help the needy believers with some part of it.