Day Questions

If the Sun is seen through the window of a room, can it make the floor of my room tahir after it has become najis?

The Sun can make permanent flooring tahir, if the window is open and the sun is directly drying it, but it does not make the carpet and the moveable things tahir.

What is the position of soothsayers who predict the future?

They are not allowed to inform about metaphysical issues with certainty based on their sources; also, it is not permitted to believe them.

One realized when washing the face during wudhu that he had not been washing under the chin. Is it obligatory on him to make up all prayers that he performed with such a wudhu?

It is a condition in the correctness of the wudhu to wash the face from the topmost part of the forehead where the hair begins to grow to the farthest end of the chin. Washing underneath the chin is not obligatory.