Day Questions

I wish to know the ruling on Tasweer (picture/image making) in two dimensions and three dimensions?

It is prohibited to make images of live creatures. Jurists mentioned lots of narrated texts on this particular issue in their derivation books.

Is “786” considered as “Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Raheem”? What is the ruling of touching it without wudhū?

There is no problem in writing it to refer to the Besmalah, but the laws pertaining to the actual Besmalah, like the prohibition of touching it without the state of ablution, are not applicable to it.

Is it permissible for me to give preference to practicing believers, especially men who have beards and women who observe hijab, when looking for a spouse for oneself or a relative?

Some of the narrations indicate that some of the main characteristics that should be sought in a spouse are good ethical values and religiousness. The religious appearances like having a beard and performing the prayers, and the observance of hijab for a woman, may not be sufficient indications to prove that. Therefore, one should make sure that these two characteristic exist.