His Eminence, Al-Sayyid Al-Hakeem, receives the Romanian Ambassador in Iraq

His Eminence, Al-Sayyid Al-Hakeem, receives the Romanian Ambassador in Iraq

His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayyid Mohammed Saeed Al-Hakeem received the Ambassador of Romania in Baghdad, Mr. Iacob Prada, with his aides.

His Eminence advised on the importance of communication between communities, distant from political and personal motives, in order to embed great human values with societies, and to enable cooperation.

His Eminence also spoke of the role of Marji'iyyah and its complete independence, and its relationship with different levels of society.

The respected guest, Mr. Prada, expressed his gratitude in being able to visit Najaf and meet his Eminence, and he praised the fatherly role of Marji'iyyah for the Iraqi people and beyond.

Day Questions

In Canada, it is very difficult to see the New Moon of Ramadan and Shawwal with the naked eye, so can we depend on scientific calculations?

If the new moon has been ascertained through the religiously valid way in any place in the Americas, then one should act upon it in all the regions of the Americas. If the sighting of the new moon has not been established, but there is certainty derived from scientific calculations that the new moon has reached the level where it is possible to be seen by the naked eye, then one should act upon that too. If there is no such certainty, then one should assume that the month is continuing until the completion of thirty days.

I had made the uncle of my wife my wakil (agent) in order to divorce her; however, a week prior to the divorce, I changed my mind. Her uncle was out-of-reach for me to contact him, so I informed my wife that I no longer wished for him to be my agent and requested that she inform him. However, he went ahead with the divorce anyway. Is this divorce I no longer wished for valid or not valid?

The agent is not dismissed without being informed of such dismissal, either by the principle himself or by a trustworthy person. If such notification was not given to the agent, then the divorce is valid. However, the divorce can be revoked by returning to the marriage relationship during the waiting period, if the divorce was revocable.

I want to become a religious scholar and acquire religious education, but my parents are not happy and want me to continue secular education. Is it obligatory on me to obey my parents in this situation?

It is not obligatory to obey the parents. What is obligatory is to be dutiful to them and to have a good relationship with them. Nevertheless, we advise you to convince them and take their permission as much as is possible as this is one of the means of receiving divine blessings.