Day Questions

Are we allowed to pray wearing earrings? If we pray wearing earrings is our prayer valid?

It is prohibited to wear the earrings for men if it was to imitate women with the intention of femininity, and the prayer is valid.

I am a university student and during the month of Ramadan I am required to take a set of examinations for a whole day. I am scared that if I fast I will not be able to concentrate and I will risk failing the exams, which are very crucial for me to pass. Is it permissible for me to not fast that day and make it up later after Ramadan?

We advise you to depend on Almighty Allah in all your acts and enter the exam room with the confidence that He is with you as long as you are acting upon His orders and completing your duty of fasting. Yes, if you can travel on the exam day after dawn and break your fast after reaching the Sharia-prescribed distance of breaking the fast, then you can break your fast that day as a traveler, and you should then make it up afterwards.

At what gestational age should the deceased baby be buried?

It is obligatory to bury the miscarried fetus at all stages. However, if its body and limbs are complete in its basic formation, it is obligatory to give it Ghusl, and apply the camphor on its body and place it into a Kafan (burial shroud) before burying it. The said applies based on an obligatory precaution if the age of the embryo is less than four months.