Day Questions

If one contracts temporary marriage without specifying a dower, does it become void?

If the contract was based on not considering the dower then it is void. If not mentioning the dower was due to oblivion, shyness or any similar reason then the marriage contract is correct and the husband must pay his wife a dower that is usually paid for a woman with similar characteristics and circumstances.

The Qur'an states that we should avoid the company of the sinners. Does that include family and relatives?

You do not have to avoid the company of your families and relatives, and it is unlawful to shun your family and relatives, even if they were sinners. However, if they sin, you must point that out to them and guide them, if you expect them to benefit from such guidance.

Is it permissible to kiss the hand of a scholar out of respect? Some narrations seem to discourage such action.

It is permissible to kiss the hands of a religious scholar out of respect because of his knowledge and piety. There is a narration that indicates clearly the permissibility to kiss the hand of a person and intending by doing so to kiss the hand of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his holy progeny). Apparently, this applies to the scholar who is knowledgeable in the Sharia.