Day Questions

I have made an oath a few years ago but I now regret having made it, and I would like to cancel it since I find it inconvenient to fulfil it. My understanding is that my father can forbid it, then it would be cancelled. Is this true?

The oath that is obligatory to fulfil is the one which is preceded by the permission of the father. If the son made the oath without informing his father or getting his permission, it is not obligatory to fulfil it.

Is there a proper format or structure for a contract when arranging a temporary marriage other than agreeing on the amount of dower and setting a length of time for the marriage or is an informal verbal agreement between the two parties sufficient?

The woman can say: "I marry myself to you on a dower of so-and-so and for the duration of so-and-so." and mention the amount of dower and the duration of marriage and then the man accepts by saying: "I accept". He can start the contract by saying: "I marry you on a dower of so-and-so and for the duration of so-and-so" the woman then accepts by saying: "I accept". This can be in any language.