Press Release on the American Administration’s Decision to Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem

Press Release on the American Administration’s Decision to Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is to God, the Lord of the worlds; and may God send his blessings on our master Mohammed and his holy progeny.

We condemn the decision of the American administration to move the US Embassy to the occupied city of Jerusalem, as it is an affront to the Palestinian people and disregard for the feelings of Muslims.

We want to point out that this stance is a natural consequence of the distancing of the Muslims from the teachings of their true religion, their neglect of their shared matters and interests, their fighting amongst themselves, and the spread of the epidemic of extremism and terrorism which has targeted them, and destroyed their societies and their towns, and has distorted the name of their religion. God Almighty has said: “And obey God, and obey the Messenger, and do not into disputes, lest you lose heart and your power departs.”

Today, all are invited – especially those fostering and supporting terrorism – to seriously revise their previous stances, and to open a new page, to unify the positions of the Islamic nations and to build firm foundations in establishing good relations with other nations, which reflects the pliability of their religion and its genuine values.

We seek support and help from only Him, and He is the guardian of the believers

Day Questions

I am pregnant and I have some weeks to give birth. Am I excused from prayer as I just feel so lazy and tired most of the time and I do not have the energy to pray?

It is obligatory on you to perform the prayer in a way that does not cause you harm and hardship, even if it is performed while sitting.

Is it obligatory to hand over my khums to my Marji only or I can distribute it among more than one Mujtahid?

You should consult with your Marji to know his edict with regards to this issue.

Is it obligatory on me to awake my wife for offering prayer if the time is near to end?

Waking up the wife and any other person to offer the prayer is not obligatory. Yes, it is better to wake them as it is a call to obey Almighty Allah and offer the prayer on time.

According to another Marja synthetic alcohol is Tahir and it is allowed to use perfume containing such alcohol; however, Sayyed Al-Hakeem considers alcohol as Najis. Both of them are Marjas of Taqleed, so why are their verdicts opposite? I am following Sayyed Al-Hakeem, so what should I do?

The difference in deriving the laws between religious jurists naturally originates from their difference in understanding the religious texts or considering some of them over the others. His Eminence, Sayyid Al-Hakeem (may Allah prolong his life) sees that alcohol is Najis, if it is an intoxicant and naturally liquid. Based on this, the prayer is invalid if the praying person’s body or clothes came in contact with it. So if you follow his Eminence, the mentioned law should be observed.