Day Questions

My family and I play cards just for fun, and of course without betting. Please advise me.

It is not allowed to play chess, cards or any similar games that are based on competing and invented to make money.

I want to know about the religious position of “if a person say in front of an “Alam” (take a kasam) that I will not smoke and then after years he smoke then Q1 : will he be liable to any kuffara? Q2: Can he continue smoking after giving kuffara?

If the oath is taken by Allah that s/he will refrain from doing certain things like smoking then, kuffara must be paid should the action takes place. Kuffara is setting a slave free or feeding ten needy people 900 grams each of food like dates, flour and rice or providing them with clothes. If these acts can not be performed, one should fast for three consecutive days. Our advice is to continue avoiding the things that he made the oath to avoid even after they were committed as it is better for him. Taking the oath is valid with or without the presence of a religious scholar.

Can I divorce my wife based on the fact that I do not like her or should there be other reasons?

The divorce is the right of the husband. In order to be fair, one should not choose to divorce his wife unless it is necessary. It is better to try to fix the relationship with the wife as much as possible, since a divorced woman is subjected to social and psychological harm more than a divorced man.