Day Questions

It is said that many books of jurisprudence were destroyed which may have had information, but Allah completed the religion on the Day of Ghadeer. Does not the completion of the religion include us knowing every rule in Islam?

The completion of the religion on the day of Al-Ghadeer was the appointment of the Imam to succeed the Prophet (peace be upon him and his holy progeny) and represent him in propagating the Sharia and leading the nation. The Imams (peace be upon them) paid a lot of attention towards informing all the aspects of the religion especially the practical laws of the Sharia. The companions of the Imams propagated their teachings, and compiled the narrations (ahadeeth) in books. Although some of these books were destroyed, these traditions and narrations have survived and still act as a main source of Islamic research. Scholars have continuously strived to pass on these teachings from generation to generation for the sake of protecting the religion and its laws. As a result, the jurist can give their edicts in any practical issue, in such a way that the individual is not left unanswered.

Mosque A is in an urban area and comprises of more space and activities. Mosque B is in a rural area and is smaller. The distance between them is 5.1km, so which place has priority in establishing Friday prayers?

<p style="text-align: left;">If there is less than the religiously assigned distance between the two Friday prayers, one of them is invalid. The amount of space of the place and its accessibility are not factors to make the prayer in it valid and not in the other place.</p>

Why do the Marajae differ in their verdicts?

<p style="text-align: left;">Human nature necessitates differences in opinions in every field, including Islamic jurisprudence, since it is one of the sciences that depend on in-depth and detailed derivations, like other sciences. So, it is natural for scientists to arrive at different conclusions as long as they are thinking freely and objectively. As such, the Shia school of jurisprudence has developed as a result of the intellectual efforts of many great scholars throughout centuries, may Almighty Allah shower His blessings over their souls and guard those still amongst us, for their preservation of the religion from external influences and powers and maintained the religion in its pure and untainted form.</p>

In the hijab of a woman is it sufficient to cover a woman’s body or is it also necessary that the forms of buttocks, legs and chest do not stand out?

It is obligatory in hijab to cover the body parts. It is prohibited to allow attractive body parts of the woman to stand out if it causes attraction and seduction.