Day Questions

I am employed at the central bank of my country and my responsibilities include making correspondence with banks, categorizing each bank as good, satisfactory, or bad etc. with respect to financial position and the like. Please guide me whether my salary is permissible?

If your work in the bank does not include editing contracts that involve interest or participating in forming such contracts by being a party to them, then working in banks is permissible. The cash bills that you receive from the government from such work as salary, if they were previously owned by Muslims, are called “Majhool al-Malik”. The religious obligation on it is to receive it with the intention of being on behalf of His Eminence (may Allah grant him a long life), and then intend to take ownership of it.

Is it permissible for a matured girl who lost her virginity by fornication, or by any other way apart from valid marriage, to marry temporarily without the consent of her father or guardian?

If the virginity was lost by adultery or any reason other than religious marriage, then the woman is still considered as virgin and it is not permissible to marry her permanently without the permission of her father or paternal grandfather. Also it is not permissible to marry her temporarily and consummate the marriage without the permission of the father or the grandfather. Yes, it is permissible to marry her temporarily without the need to seek the consent if the marriage is not consummated.

I am getting to know a girl, who I feel I would like to get married to. However, I would like to get to know her more first. Is she allowed to spend a whole day with me?

It is permissible for the man to talk to a non-Mahram woman, but this might encourage him to commit sins, like looking at her with lust and sexual arousal. Spending long periods of time together could lead to social problems, like making people talking about your relationship or the parents of the girl not being pleased with this. For these reasons, we advise you to correspond with her parents in giving you the chance to get to know her in order to avoid falling into such mistakes.