Day Questions

If pre-ejaculatory fluid (or Cowpers fluid) is passed after ablution, is the ablution valid?

<p style="text-align: left;">Discharge of the said liquid does not invalidate the ablution.</p>

What will happen if we think about things while we are praying?

<p style="text-align: left;">It is permissible and does not nullify the prayers.</p>

When I was in school I went to a supermarket with my friends and I stole a magazine, this again was before I was practicing Islam. Now the supermarket isn't there and there is a new one. So, my question is how should I atone for this? Should I give money to charity on their behalf?

You should look for the shop owner and pay him/her the said amount and you do not need to inform the owner why you are paying when you find him/her. If you could not reach him/her, it is enough to be prepared to pay the owner his/her dues when possible. Paying the amount as a charity on behalf of the owner when he/she can not be reached is a good thing but it is not mandatory and does not remove the obligation on you to satisfy the owner whenever you can reach him/her.

If the items like knives, glasses or surfaces of kitchens and bathrooms become najis by people who do not care about taharah and they continue to make them najis again and again, then what should somebody do? Is it obligatory on him to avoid those areas? What if it is hard for our hands or clothes to remain tahir all the time?

<p style="text-align: left;">The validity of the prayer is conditioned with the taharah of the body and the clothes of the praying person and the place of resting the forehead during prostration. The rest of the place where the person is praying does not have to be tahir but you should make sure your body or clothes do not come in contact with dampness with the rest of the place of prayer if it was najis.<br /> It is also prohibited to consume najis foods or drinks or what comes in contact with najis things with dampness.<br /> You are not required to check for the state of najasah in things, but you can consider things to be tahir if you do not know that they came in contact with najasah. It is not a condition or a prohibition to avoid contacting najasah or najis things in other than the mentioned cases.</p>

What proof is there that the Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) was created from light?

It is mentioned in many narrations that the Prophet and the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) were lights created before the creation of Adam (peace be upon him). To this effect, the Ziyara of Jame’a includes the passage: “Allah created you as lights around His throne until he blessed us with you…”. This does not mean that they were created from this material light. It is rather, a metaphysical meaning that the narration referred to it. Allah Knows best.