Day Questions

Is it allowed to rent out space for trading, if the tenant sells alcohol among other products?

Renting the property is permissible. The prohibition in respect to the alcohol is on the seller.

Can a virgin girl who is independent financially and has no father or guardian get married without permission?

If the girl is virgin and the guardian, who is the father or the paternal grandfather, is available, then seeking their permission is a condition in the validity of the marriage contract. If one is not able to reach the guardian or he is deceased, then the permission is not required.

If temporary marriage was contracted for a week with a woman who was a traveler, and she travelled away the next day without notice, must her dowry be paid in full?

If he asked her to be with him during the duration of the marriage and she refused, or he has previously stipulated this on her and she refused to act upon this, he is not liable to pay that portion of the dowry in proportion to the percentage of the time she was unavailable.

I had my child and I was told that I have to wait for 40 days before taking the Nifas ghusl, and I cannot pray, fast ,etc during that time. Is this true?

The duration of Nifas is the same as that of the regular monthly period, which cannot be more than ten days, and does not last for forty days. During the time of Nifas, all the rules that apply to the woman in menstruation applies to her here.

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