Day Questions

Is the ghusl by way of submergence (irtimasi) correct if one intends to perform it, and cover his entire body gradually?

His ghusl is not correct. It is correct to intend to perform it after he dips his body entirely under water.

If someone says that khums is not obligatory, is that person out of Islam?

If denying the obligation of khums means a denial of its obligation on the unused amount of the yearly income, then this does not affect the person being regarded as a Muslim. However, denying the khums in an absolute way is a clear rejection to the Quranic verses and the traditions of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his holy progeny).

What is the period of iddah after divorce?

The iddah of a divorced woman is three durations of purity between the menstruation periods, the first of which is when the divorce takes place. The waiting period ends when she sees the menstrual blood for the third time after the divorce.