Day Questions

I have heard that masturbation is prohibited; but what if you couldn't do Muta with any women or even get married, and you really needed to fulfill your desires, would masturbation become permissible?

It is not lawful. You should have patience and depend on Almighty Allah and ask Him to ease the way to get marriage, as He would never prohibit you from committing a sin and not allow you to satisfy the desire if you choose the permissible way.

I work for a retail company in the West, and they pay my wages directly into my bank account. This money has never been withdrawn by me and has sat in my account since it was transferred. I do transfer a part of it into another savings account through the internet every month. After a year of transferring, but never withdrawing and holding the money physically, will this money be subject to Khums, and is Hajj obligatory on me if there is enough in the savings account to cover Hajj costs?

If you work in a state establishment and your salary is transferred directly to a state-owned bank, then the laws of khums and Hajj do not apply on the salary. They both apply on amounts that you withdraw from the bank. Both conditions must be present (working for the state and the bank being owned by the state) in order for this ruling to apply. If one of the two conditions are not fulfilled, like if you work for a private establishment or the amount is transferred to a private bank, or both of them are not present, the regular laws of Khums and Hajj apply. That is, if the amount adds up to what is sufficient to cover the cost of Hajj, it becomes obligatory. Likewise, Khums has to be paid from the unused portion of it at the end of the Khums year.

If one has gel in his hair, must he wash it out before performing wudhu?

If it forms a barrier that prevents water from reaching the hair then it must be removed.