Day Questions

If the imam of the congregational prayer does not possess a body part or it has been cut off, is it permissible to offer prayers behind him?

It is permissible to pray behind him provided that other conditions of the imam of congregational prayer are met.

If one thought that he was washing the necessary parts of the wudhu, but years later realized that he had been missing some of them, is it obligatory on him to repeat all of those prayers that he performed with this wudhu?

If one doubts the correctness of the wudhu but at the same it is probable that he washed the necessary parts without intending to do so, then he can assume that the wudhu is in order and he does not need to repeat the prayer. If he knows that he did not wash a necessary part of the wudhu, then it is invalid and he must repeat the prayers that he performed with such wudhu.