Day Questions

If a cat at home scratches a member of the family viciously, will it be permissible to hit the cat?

It is permissible to hit it in order to prevent it from causing harm.

Is there a Kaffarah for Khums if one has not paid it for many years?

There is no special Kaffarah to pay for delaying the khums payment. It is obligatory in the said case to pay the fifth of your net income that you did not pay khums from, by calculating the monies that you have and deducting what have you used in your needs and pay the fifth of the balance.

If during the first day of the menstruation a woman has menstrual bleeding, and then no bleeding for two days, and the following day she sees the bleeding for two days again, is it necessary for her to observe the rules of menstruation during the clear days?

In this situation, the woman should have the ghusl of menstruation and she offer the prayers during the clean days. If she did not do so then she must offer the prayers as qadha. She should consider the periods of bleeding as menstruation, even if they were separated by clean periods.