Day Questions

If the floor of a bathroom becomes najis and the essential najasah has been removed but the whole bathroom floor is wiped with the same mop that removed the najasah, does the whole area become najis? If one steps in it after some time, does his foot become najis when they are wet? If so, then does najasah transfer when my moist foot touches my room floor?

Yes, the whole bathroom floor becomes najis in the said scenario with the existence of dampness, and whatever touches it with dampness becomes najis, provided that this was the only cleaning method used. If the floor is cleaned through other ways as well in which the taharah of the floor is achieved, such as with running tap water, such that one is no longer certain of the najasah of the floor when it comes in contact with the foot or the clothes, then one can consider the foot as tahir. This applies to any situation where najasah is doubted after being sure that taharah took place.

How should one perform tayammum?

Tayammum should be performed in the following method: One should first strike the inside of his hands upon the earth once. He should wipe, with both of his hands together, his forehead, and the two sides of his face from the place where the hair grows to the bone of the eyebrows. He should wipe the back of the right hand from the wrist to the fingertips, with the inside of the left hand. Then he similarly wipes the back of the left hand with the inside of the right hand. It is best that he strikes the earth for a second time and then repeats the wiping of the two hands.

His Eminence has said whenever a najis thing comes in contact with something else with transferring dampness, it will be come najis too, no matter how many things may be in the chain of the transferring of najasah. Would this not mean that everything around us is najis?

This does not make everything najis, since one is not aware that they had been in contact with najis things with dampness, or one is sure that a particular thing became tahir and najis without knowing which one was first. In such cases it is considered to be tahir.

I would like to ask what is the procedure of changing one’s Marja of Taqleed?

You can change the Marja that you follow based on religious evidence, like for instance when it is proven to you that the new Marja is more knowledgeable than the current one.