Day Questions

I am a professional photographer. Can I take photographs of women and men in wedding ceremonies where women wear traditional clothes (not proper Hijab) and there is mix gathering, but there is no chance of me falling into a sin and there is no alcohol served there? Would the income from this be lawful? Is photography of women by itself prohibited? Can I employ a woman who does the photography so that I do not have to go the mix gathering?

Taking photographs is a permissible profession. You can also take photographs in mixed gathering such as weddings where women are not observing Hijab, but it is prohibited to look at non-Mahram women with lust. Having said that, women must wear the Hijab in the presence of non-Mahram men even in wedding ceremonies. Observing Hijab is obligatory on the woman in any place in the presence of non-Mahram men, even at her own house. It is better to hire a woman to do the photography in such cases.

If somebody has missed fasts for years and missed prayers for years, does he have to make up the missed prayers and then the missed fasts?

One must make up the missed prayers. It is also obligatory to make up missed fasts. Making one of them up before the other is not obligatory.

Can I pay the dower in installments to my wife because my financial situation does not allow me to pay full amount in one time?

If the time of dower payment is due then it must be paid in full when the wife asks for it. The husband does not have to pay it on time if the wife agrees to delay the payment. Also if the husband is unable to pay it, then it is permissible for him to postpone the payment or part of it.