Day Questions

Please explain to me the contract of temporary marriage (Mutah).

Mutah is a marriage contract between a man and a woman where they agree on establishing a marital relationship with the stipulation of a dower, for a certain period of time. The said relation ends when the mentioned time elapses. Muslims have agreed on this legislation, but the second caliph prohibited it during his caliphate, and this became the reason for the differences in opinion on it, as history and jurisprudential books explained.

How do I perform the 'prostrations of forgetfulness' (sajdatay al-sahw)?

The prostrations of forgetfulness consist of two prostrations, and – based on an obligatory precaution – they are performed consecutively, in which dhikr of Allah Almighty is recited, followed by the tashahhud and the tasleem. The following conditions of the prostrations of forgetfulness must be met: (1) One should have the appropriate intention of worship. (2) The seven parts of the body should be placed on the ground. The parts are the forehead, the two hands – specifically the inside of the hands based on an obligatory precaution – both knees, and the two big toes of the feet. (3) The forehead should be placed on what is correct to be prostrated upon. (4) The placement of the forehead should not be high, as explained in the rulings of prostration. (5) As an obligatory precaution, the remaining conditions of prayer should also be observed, such as taharah and facing qibla.