Day Questions

In Umrah Mufraddah after doing taqsir and before tawaf al-nisa can I use or eat perfume?

If he shortened his hair during the Umrah Mufradah, all prohibitions of ihram become permissible except for women. When he completes tawaf -al-nida, women become permissible for him.

Is there any differences in the Arabic learned from Shia schools and Sunni schools?

There is no difference in the Arabic between the different religions and sects. But if learning Arabic from a teacher or school that is based on a religion or sect that leads to misconceptions in beliefs or the misrepresentation of historical events, and this leads to misguidance and falling into falsehood, then one shouldn’t study from such a teacher or school.

Studies show that listening to classical music for 30 minutes a day whilst breathing slowly decreases the blood pressure. I need to reduce my blood pressure, so can I start doing this? Will this be a sin?

It is not permissible to listen to the music because of the said reason, unless the high blood pressure was a danger to the health, and its treatment was only by listening to music.

I have been unemployed and looking for work for some time, and it is very worrying. Is there any specific supplication or verses of the Quran to help me?

It has been reported in some narrations that repeatedly reciting Surah Al- Qadr (chapter 97 of the Holy Quran) and repeatedly seeking forgiveness increases sustenance and the means of sustenance.