Day Questions

If one hears someone recites Quran, is it obligatory on him to correct the mistakes of his recitation?

Although it is a good thing, it is not obligatory to correct the mistakes in the Quran recitation of other people.

What is the term "rizq" that is mentioned in the Quran means? Is it just wealth, food, or what?

It means all good things that almighty Allah has blessed the human being with.

Can we eat food made by a Hindu if he does not use any prohibited things in it, although he uses his hands to make it?

If the food preparation involves transferring of wetness between the person's hand/body and the food, then the food becomes Najis and prohibited to consume based on compulsory precaution.

Is knowing politics, economics and other worldly sciences a condition to be a Mujtahid or not?

The said sciences are not related to reaching the level of Ijtihad but during the search for a religious answer to an issue that corresponds to another field, like politics, economy or medicine, a scholar is expected to make sure that the issue is understood in such a way that the obligation before Almighty Allah to know the subject of the religious verdict is fulfilled. This might require the reference to the experts in these sciences. Using this knowledge, the religious verdict is determined using the religious knowledge and evidences that he already possesses.