Day Questions

If we are purchasing something from a person, do we have to be concerned with the source of the sold merchandise? What if we know that they are stolen or acquired without the owner's consent? What if we doubt whether it is stolen or not?

It is not permissible to purchase goods that are known to be stolen from Muslims or are taken from them by force or without their consent. If there is a doubt whether the goods are usurped or not, then it is still permissible to buy them, although it is better to refrain from such goods and purchase from a seller who is not doubted.

I would like to marry a religious girl, but it is difficult to ascertain whether a particular girl is religious or not by a visit or a couple of visits. What do you suggest?

You can find out about how religious and chaste a girl is by asking her relatives and friends, and by asking about her family in general.

If the value of my debt is greater than the value of my wealth by the end of my khums year, is khums applicable upon me if there was an increase in my wealth from the previous year, but that I still do not have enough to completely pay off the debt from a loan?

If you have debts from this present year that remained unpaid at the end of the khums fiscal year, and they are more than the net profit of this current year, then you do not have to pay khums.