Day Questions

Is listening to poetry about the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) accompanied with music permissible?

If the music causes ‘tarab’ then it is not permissible to listen to it. ‘Tarab’ means the psychological interaction with the music or singing, whether it leads to joy, sadness, pride or any other emotion.

Is Dua tewessul recommended to read and who made it?

We cannot confirm that an Imam has recited this supplication. Yes, it has been reported in some books that the said supplication is narrated by one of the Imams (peace be upon them). Supplicating to Almighty Allah by the Prophet or the Imams (peace be upon them) is amongst the recommended deeds even if it was by other than this particular supplication.

If a man and a woman are praying in the same room, how far apart they must be from each other.

It is permissible for the man and woman to pray next to each other, although it is disliked. Such dislike can be avoided when the position of the man is ahead of the woman, in such a way that when she prostrates her forehead would be adjacent to his knees. It is better that the man's position is ahead of that of the woman's by a distance of a step.

If someone has a bandage on his wound, how can he perform wudhu? Can tayammum be performed instead?

If the bandaging is tahir and its size was usual for the wound, then it is sufficient in the correctness of wudhu and ghusl to wipe over it. One cannot perform tayammum in this case.