Day Questions

If someone committed adultery in his youth, but thereafter he repented and had not committed such a sin again, should he still expect to be punished in purgatory (barzakh)?

If he repents and seeks forgiveness, the mercy of Almighty Allah is expected to reach him. He shall not be subject to any punishment, God willing.

Is the testimony of Imam Ali's (peace be upon him) Wilayah permissible to be recited, while it is recited in the Adhan and Iqamah?

It is unlawful to recite the third testimony during the prayers since it is not amongst the divinely authorized words that are allowed to be recited in prayer. Intentionally reciting it then makes the prayer void. It is allowed to recite it during other worships, like prayers on the deceased or during the Adhan as they do not have the condition of not including human-formulated words.