The Press Release on the Attack in Nigeria

The Press Release on the Attack in Nigeria

We strongly condemn the savage attack that resulted in the horrible massacre against the Muslim followers of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) in Nigeria.

The circumstances and the intensity of the tragedy suggest the suspicious meditated intention of parties who do not care about the stability of the country or about the harmony between the sects of the nation.

We hold the Government of Nigeria fully responsible in investigating the circumstances of the tragedy, bringing the criminals to justice, freeing the innocents, and preventing this from taking place again.

We call the concerned international communities to uphold their responsibility in condemning this crime and pressuring those who caused it.

We ask Almighty Allah to grant the wounded fast recovery, to have His mercy on the souls of the victims and to give patience to their relatives. He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

Day Questions

Is it prohibited to put up pictures of Imams (peace be upon them)? If so what are the conditions?

It is not prohibited to hang the pictures of Imams (peace be upon them) in homes and stores. It is an expression of belonging to them and seeking their blessings, which is a recommended act. At the same time, one should choose the appropriate picture that does not have a negative effect and there is no criterion for such.

When paying Zakat al-Fitra, is it necessary that the poor Shia recipient offers the five daily prayers? Is it possible to give it to children of a single mother who does not pray?

<p style="text-align: left;">Based on an obligatory precaution one should not pay Zakat al-Fitra to a believer who does not pray. It is permissible to pay it to a child.</p>

Can I sell something that does not currently exist, such as a calf which has not been born yet?

<p style="text-align: left;">In some cases, you can sell something that does not exist yet, like a calf, with certain general specifications that apply to a large number of such an animals. But selling a calf of a particular cow whose existence is uncertain and whose soundness is unknown is not a valid sale, if it is sold alone. If it is sold in this way in addition to another thing which does exists at that time in one transaction, then it is valid.</p>

If someone says that khums is not obligatory, is that person out of Islam?

If denying the obligation of khums means a denial of its obligation in the unused amount of the yearly income, then this does not affect the person being regarded as a Muslim. However, denying the khums in an absolute way is a clear rejection to the Quranic verses and the tradition of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his holy progeny).

I am in the process of selecting a Marja for Taqleed and have been recommended Sayyid Hakeem. However, I am in need of his book of Islamic laws before I can make a well judged decision.

It is obligatory on individuals to follow the most knowledgeable when possible and that can be determined by referring to the experts that are able to know him. It is not permissible to base the choice of the Mujtahid on learning about his verdicts and feeling comfortable with them.