The Press Release on the Terrorist Attacks during the month of Ramadan

The Press Release on the Terrorist Attacks during the month of Ramadan

Press Release on the Terrorist Attacks during the month of Ramadan

"Those who do wrong will come to know by what a (great) reverse they will be overturned!" (Holy Quran 26:227)

The terrorist attacks against the innocent followers of the Ahlul-Bait (peace be upon them) in Iraq have increased recently in various bombings of civilian gatherings in Baghdad and number of governates in Iraq during the Holy month of Ramadan. These terrorist acts have resulted in the martyrdom and wounding of hundreds of civilians, while the international, Islamic and Arabic organizations remain quiet. This confirms that these attacks are part of regional plot that will have dangerous consequences on the security of the regional and of the world.

As we ask Almighty Allah to send His mercy on the souls of the martyrs and to grant the wounded fast recovery. We strongly condemn these savage attacks and emphasize on the following:
Firstly: It is necessary for the Iraqi government and the Judiciary to fulfill their responsibility in bringing the perpetrators to justice and in protecting civilian citizens, especially the followers of the Ahlul-Bait (peace be upon them) as they are the primary target of terrorism.
Secondly: We call the international community, especially the international organizations, to classify such crimes as crimes against humanity, since they are genocides that resulted from hate culture and shedding human blood on religious bases which are violations of the international laws and ethics.

"There is no power save from Allah, the All-High, the All-Great".

The Office of the Religious Authority, Sayyid Mohammed Saeed Al-Hakeem.

Day Questions

If I want to have a temporary marriage with a Sunni girl who follows a sect that does not stipulate the permission of her father for marriage, can we thus have a temporary marriage contract and be allowed to consummate the marriage?

It is permissible to marry temporarily in the said situation if the guardian’s religion does not stipulate his consent in the validity of the marriage.

I wanted to know if giving blood is prohibited. If not is it a good deed?

It is permissible to give blood and donate it. It is some sort of charity and an expression of high morality. It is a good deed if the said was intended.

Is it necessary to perform the Friday prayer in a mosque? And is there any difference in which mosque?

No, it is not necessary that the Friday prayer be offered in a mosque.

I find it difficult to obey and treat my grandparents exactly like my parents and sometimes behave wrongly with them, while I do not do bad with my parents. Is the status in Islam of grandparents same as the parents?

Although it is not obligatory to treat the grandparents in the manner one should treat the parents, and the strong ties that one has with his parents may not be with one’s grandparents too, there is no doubt that dealing with the grandparents in a good manner is a good thing.