The Press Release on the Martydom of Shaikh Tawakkuli

The Press Release on the Martydom of Shaikh Tawakkuli

“And reckon not those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead; rather, they are alive; they are provided substance from their Lord.” (3:169)

The terrorists attacked last night Allama Shaikh Mohammed Ja’far Tawakkuli, the head of the office of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Al-Hakim (may God prolong his life) in the Afghani city of Herat, after having lead the congregational prayers in the mosque. This heinous attack led to his martyrdom. Through his active his efforts – for many years – he aided the application of His Eminence’s programs in supporting and helping those injured in acts of terrorism, as well as orphans and needy families, and in implementing his programs in the propagation of the message of Islam on a wide scale across Afghanistan.

We condemn this act of terrorism in the strongest terms, and we urge the government of Afghanistan to strive seriously to uncover the criminals, to punish them and to protect the lives of the scholars, the students of the religious seminary and the innocent civilians there. We pray to the Almighty Creator to cover the felicitous deceased with His vast mercy, and to raise him amongst the righteous martyrs, and to bestow patience and solace upon those he left behind.

And there is no power, nor might, save that of Allah, the Most High, the Supreme.

Office of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Al-Hakim (may God prolong his life)

9th of Shawwal, 1439

Day Questions

Is it necessary to perform the Friday prayer in a mosque?

No, it is not necessary that the Friday prayer be offered in a mosque.

Is it true that Imam Mahdi (pbuh)'s children live in the Bermuda triangle? Which is an island near Spain?

Some books mentioned that the Imam (peace be upon him) lives in an island by the name of Green Island but we cannot confirm the truthfulness of this issue. Almighty Allah knows best.

I started working in December last year, and got my first pay around January this year. I tried saving since then but did not have much and I am not sure if any money remained for a full year or not. I began saving again last year in August and now I do have savings. Shall I consider August as my Khums year-end or January?

The beginning of the khums year is the day one makes a profit, even when he was a child. Based on this, it does not matter when you started your work. Since you do not know this day, you should set the khums year by reconciliation (Musalahah) with the Marji or his agent.

If there is picture present in room, does it affect the prayers?

It is disliked to offer the prayer while there is a picture of a living thing in front of the individual.