The Press Release on the Martydom of Shaikh Tawakkuli

The Press Release on the Martydom of Shaikh Tawakkuli

“And reckon not those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead; rather, they are alive; they are provided substance from their Lord.” (3:169)

The terrorists attacked last night Allama Shaikh Mohammed Ja’far Tawakkuli, the head of the office of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Al-Hakim (may God prolong his life) in the Afghani city of Herat, after having lead the congregational prayers in the mosque. This heinous attack led to his martyrdom. Through his active his efforts – for many years – he aided the application of His Eminence’s programs in supporting and helping those injured in acts of terrorism, as well as orphans and needy families, and in implementing his programs in the propagation of the message of Islam on a wide scale across Afghanistan.

We condemn this act of terrorism in the strongest terms, and we urge the government of Afghanistan to strive seriously to uncover the criminals, to punish them and to protect the lives of the scholars, the students of the religious seminary and the innocent civilians there. We pray to the Almighty Creator to cover the felicitous deceased with His vast mercy, and to raise him amongst the righteous martyrs, and to bestow patience and solace upon those he left behind.

And there is no power, nor might, save that of Allah, the Most High, the Supreme.

Office of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Al-Hakim (may God prolong his life)

9th of Shawwal, 1439

Day Questions

Can a Shia Sayyid girl get married to a new convert to Islam? Can she marry him if her father does not allow it?

It is permissible for the Muslim woman, whether she was from a Sayyid family or not, to marry a Muslim man even if he used to follow another religion, but it should be with the consent of the father of the woman if she is a virgin.

In the event of a divorce or a separation, who is entitled to the custody of children, the father or the mother?

The right of the custody of the children is for the mother for the first two years of the child's age. After that, it is obligatory on her to give the custody to the father if he asks for it. At the same time, the father should not prevent the mother from having a relationship with her child, as this is a right for both the child and the mother.

Can I sell the things that are freely available, for example, if I take free religious materials and sell it for money?

If the free things are given as gifts, and they are not given with a condition that they are not to be sold, then one can sell them.

I want to know about the religious position of “if a person say in front of an “Alam” (take a kasam) that I will not smoke and then after years he smoke then Q1 : will he be liable to any kuffara? Q2: Can he continue smoking after giving kuffara?

If the oath is taken by Allah that s/he will refrain from doing certain things like smoking then, kuffara must be paid should the action takes place. Kuffara is setting a slave free or feeding ten needy people 900 grams each of food like dates, flour and rice or providing them with clothes. If these acts can not be performed, one should fast for three consecutive days. Our advice is to continue avoiding the things that he made the oath to avoid even after they were committed as it is better for him. Taking the oath is valid with or without the presence of a religious scholar.