The Press Release on the Terrorist Attacks against the Shia in Egypt

The Press Release on the Terrorist Attacks against the Shia in Egypt

We strongly condemn the terrorist attacks that lead to the martyrdom and wounding of tens of innocent lovers of the Ahlul-Bait (peace be upon them) in Egypt and the dragging of deceased bodies along the ground that took place afterwards.

As we ask the Almighty Allah to send His mercy on the souls of the martyrs and to grant the wounded fast recovery, we call the government and the judiciary of Egypt to take the responsibility in bringing the perpetrators and those who motivated them with incitement verdicts to justice. In addition, we call the Egyptian government to take the necessary steps in preventing the recurrence of similar events.

We pray to the Almighty Lord to bless the efforts of Al-Azhar in promoting a culture of moderation and rejecting extremism and hatred, which distort the image of Muslims and rupture the unity of the peaceful Egyptian nation.

"There is no power save from Allah, the All-high, the All-Great"

The Office of the Religious Authority, Sayyid Mohammed Saeed Al-Hakeem

Day Questions

Some people say that Islam is not something which should be connected with a family, like the family of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), and they use this for their argument against the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them). Please comment on this.

Our connection to the Ahlulbait is not emotional; rather, it is religious and based on their infallibility. Almighty Allah has ordered us to follow them. He said: "Allahs wish is but to remove uncleanness far from you, O Ahlulbait, and cleanse you with a thorough cleansing"(33:33). The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) ordered us to follow them. He said: "I am leaving amongst you the two weighty things, the book of Allah, and my household". In addition to that, there are narrations about each and every one of the Imams of the Ahlulbait specifically. As an example, the messenger of Allah said: “Ali is your Wali (i.e. guardian) after me” and he said: “Whoever’s master I am, Ali is his master”. These and other religious texts show that these people have special characters that enable them to take their position of imamate and leadership. So the issue is not emotional, nor is it based on a tribe or a family. On the other hand, most believers in the Sunni sect accepted the legitimacy of the caliphate of the Umayyads and Abbasids, although both of these states were established and continued on the basis of inheritance and without any entitlements at all.

I would like to ask what is the procedure of changing one’s Marja of Taqleed?

You can change the Marja that you follow based on religious evidence, like for instance when it is proven to you that the new Marja is more knowledgeable than the current one.

I had a painting of myself done couple of weeks ago by another student. Do you think that it is against the religion to have something like that done for oneself?

In general, painting of live things is prohibited but owning the painting is not prohibited. As for the student who made the painting, his action is not prohibited since he did not know the verdict.

If there is gold on a pen, can I carry it in my pocket and pray with it?

<p style="text-align: left;">Yes, it is permissible to carry it, and carrying it during the prayer does not invalidate it.</p>