The Press Release on the Terrorist Attacks against the Shia in Egypt

The Press Release on the Terrorist Attacks against the Shia in Egypt

We strongly condemn the terrorist attacks that lead to the martyrdom and wounding of tens of innocent lovers of the Ahlul-Bait (peace be upon them) in Egypt and the dragging of deceased bodies along the ground that took place afterwards.

As we ask the Almighty Allah to send His mercy on the souls of the martyrs and to grant the wounded fast recovery, we call the government and the judiciary of Egypt to take the responsibility in bringing the perpetrators and those who motivated them with incitement verdicts to justice. In addition, we call the Egyptian government to take the necessary steps in preventing the recurrence of similar events.

We pray to the Almighty Lord to bless the efforts of Al-Azhar in promoting a culture of moderation and rejecting extremism and hatred, which distort the image of Muslims and rupture the unity of the peaceful Egyptian nation.

"There is no power save from Allah, the All-high, the All-Great"

The Office of the Religious Authority, Sayyid Mohammed Saeed Al-Hakeem

نظراً لعدم ثبوت رؤية هلال شهر شوال بحجة شرعية لدى سماحة المرجع الديني الكبير السيد الحكيم (مد ظله) سيكون عيد الفطر المبارك يوم الاثنين ان شاء الله تعالى

Day Questions

What are the ways to know if someone is a Sayyid? And what are the consequences in the Islamic sharia of being a Sayyid?

Sayyids are the descendants of Hashim bin Abd Munaf. Such linage is proven by any of three ways: (i) knowing it, (ii) by the witness of two adil people, or (iii) by it being widely-known that leads to being confident about it. The religious effects of being a Sayyid are the eligibility to collect the Sayyid’s share from the khums in the case of poverty, and the prohibition to collect the zakat from a non-Sayyid.

I ended temporary marriage by chatting online with my wife, because we were far away from each other. Is the procedure valid?

The contract of the temporary marriage is ended when its set time is ended or by the man waiving and forgoing the remainder of the time. This can be by stating: "Wahabtu ... (so-and-so) ma tabaqqa min muddat iz-Zawaj," mentioning the wife's name in place of "so-and-so". This means, "I waive for so-and-so the remaining time of the marriage." It is permissible to state this in any other language. After you did so, you can inform her by chatting online or by any other means.

Is it permissible to wear leather jackets during prayers?

If the leather was from an animal that was not slaughtered in accordance with the Sharia, then wearing it during the prayer invalidates it.