The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

Day Questions

Why do the Marajae differ in their verdicts?

Human nature necessitates differences in opinions in every field, including Islamic jurisprudence, since it is one of the sciences that depend on in-depth and detailed derivations, like other sciences. So, it is natural for scientists to arrive at different conclusions as long as they are thinking freely and objectively. As such, the Shia school of jurisprudence has developed as a result of the intellectual efforts of many great scholars throughout centuries, may Almighty Allah shower His blessings over their souls and guard those still amongst us, for their preservation of the religion from external influences and powers and maintained the religion in its pure and untainted form.

Can a divorced woman remarry without the permission of her father?

She does not require the permission of the father for the second marriage, if her first marriage was consummated, although it is better to correspond with the family as this preserves the links of love and respect within the family.

I am not living with my mother. How often is it obligatory on me to speak to her over the telephone or by any means of contact?

There is no set limit for this issue by the Sharia. One is obligated to have a form of contact that usually indicates good communication and being dutiful to the parents.