The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

Day Questions

I would like to know if having plastic surgery is forbidden in Islam?

It is permissible to have plastic surgery. But if the doctor is of the opposite gender to the patient and the operation requires touching the skin or looking at body parts that should be covered, then it is not permissible unless this is the only choice and not performing the operation would cause hardship in bearing the current situation.

Sometimes I doubt as to whether the dirt under the fingernails is extended to the outside of the nail or not, which would then require me to remove it before performing wudhu, moreover it is very hard to remove it sometimes. Can I ignore this doubt?

It is not obligatory to remove the dirt under the nail, since this area is not part of wudhu or ghusl. If the dirt prevents water from reaching the skin in parts of wudhu and ghusl, it must be removed; one can use material that removes such substances in the conventional way, and one need not focus on this beyond that. However, if a person has a reasonable doubt whether there is any substance that is forming a barrier between the water and the skin, then he should remove it to ensure that water reaches the skin.

In the hijab of a woman is it sufficient to cover a woman’s body or is it also necessary that the forms of buttocks, legs and chest do not stand out?

It is obligatory in hijab to cover the body parts. It is prohibited to allow attractive body parts of the woman to stand out if it causes attraction and seduction.

If a woman is in her period, is there any restriction to the amount of Quran she may recite? Could she, for example, complete the entire Quran whilst on her period?

Such recitation is permissible although it is disliked, except that it is prohibited for her to recite the verses of prostration.