Day Questions

When a girl becomes nine years old, does she have the right to choose whether she wants to live with her father or her mother?

Yes, if she reached the age of nine years, she can decide with whom she wants to live.

What is the ruling on the punishment of apostasy and blasphemy?

Applying the Sharia-defined punishments is the duty of the infallible Imam (peace be upon him).

Is it permissible for me to shake hands with the opposite gender? Is it permissible for me to shake hands with them because I am doing business with them?

Handshaking that involves skin contact with a person of opposite sex is prohibited. One can use gloves to prevent skin contact. It is best to apologize for not doing such an action by stating that our religion does not allow it. Some people who do not understand the religion or do not believe in it might think that this law is disrespectful to women, but this false notion originates from being distanced from the environment of Muslims and not knowing the details of their religion, since the prohibition of hand shaking is not limited to men but it also includes women as well as they are not permitted to shake men’s hand. It is purely a legislation that could mean – based on our understanding – placing borders between men and women to protect their chasteness and to help in preventing them from falling into prohibited acts.

What is a ‘shuhrah’ cloth?

It is the strange cloth that is not acceptable socially - in a clear way - for such a person to wear.