Day Questions

If an Islamic food authority is providing halal meat, but one doubts whether Allah's name has been mentioned over it, will it be permissible to eat?

If the meat is taken from a Muslim and there is a probability that he slaughtered it in accordance to the sharia, then it is permissible to consume it.

Is it permissible for a wife to sing in a wedding ceremony in front of many people, men and women, without her husband’s permission?

This is not permissible even if the husband allows it, since it is impermissible to do so in the presence of men. If the audience comprises of only women, then it is permissible for woman to sing during wedding ceremonies.

Am I allowed to present the edict of my Marji’ whenever I am asked a question in jurisprudence?

If the person who asks you does not intend to know the edict of a particular Marji’, you may tell him the opinion of your Marji’.