Day Questions

Can I recite one verse or a few verses of the Quran after Al-Fatiha in the prayers?

One must recite one full chapter after Al-Fatiha in obligatory prayers. Reciting one verse or a few verses is not sufficient. It is sufficient to do so in recommended prayers.

What is the ruling of playing video games? If the believer knows that even when playing during spare time (when not working and already doing the Islamic obligations daily), are the allowed to play as a spare time hobby?

It is permissible unless the opponent is the computer in a prohibited game like chess or Cards then it is not permissible based on compulsory precaution.

I know that in wudhu I have to wash my face from the top downwards, but what if while doing that, I rub it the opposite way by accident?

There is nothing wrong with that as long as you washed correctly after realizing that you washed in the wrong direction.