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In Pakistan, there is grave of Sayida Ruqayya (peace be upon her), sister of Abbas Ibn Ali (peace be upon him) in Lahore; is this based on fact?

It is permissible to visit the places that are established to simulate the shrines of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) in order to revive their remembrances and have gatherings to mourn them and similar activities that are conducted to remind others about them.

What is the philosophy of Infallibility? Is it true that the Shia believe that the Prophet and the Imams (peace be upon them) cannot make mistakes?

There is no dispute amongst the followers of the Ahlul-bait (peace be upon them) that the Prophets and the Imams are sinless, in such a way that they do not commit what opposes the religion. Our scholars have explained in their books of beliefs the evidences to prove this concept. There is no doubt that the Prophet and the Imam are appointed by Almighty Allah. He has ordered people to follow them. So, if it is possible for them to commit sins, they might order people to do so as well and people have to follow them. So their orders would not be trusted to be from Almighty Allah, and He will not order us to follow somebody who can misguide us. Similarly, they are to be taken by their followers as role models. If they were to commit sins, others will be encouraged to do the same.

If one thought that he was washing the necessary parts of the wudhu, but years later realized that he had been missing some of them, is it obligatory on him to repeat all of those prayers that he performed with this wudhu?

If one doubts the correctness of the wudhu but at the same it is probable that he washed the necessary parts without intending to do so, then he can assume that the wudhu is in order and he does not need to repeat the prayer. If he knows that he did not wash a necessary part of the wudhu, then it is invalid and he must repeat the prayers that he performed with such wudhu.

My wife suffers from epilepsy and has other illnesses, and was dependent on medication for treating them, as a result she had not suffered any epileptic fits. She is now pregnant, and the doctor advised that if she takes this medication it will harm the fetus. So she stopped taking the medication, and started to suffer from fits. In such a situation, where taking medication is harmful for the baby, and not taking the medication causes the mother to have fits, is it possible to abort the baby?

It is not permissible to abort the embryo, unless not aborting it would cause a danger to the life of both of them, the mother and the embryo. Furthermore, it is not permissible for the mother to take the medication which harms the embryo, unless the mothers fits causes the danger of death for both the mother and the embryo. If it is possible to tolerate the fits or to prevent it by other ways, then it is not permissible to use the medicine that cause harm to the embryo.

Is it permissible for the wife in a temporary marriage to end the marriage by forgoing the remaining time of marriage?

The time in the said marriage is the right of the husband and only he can forgo it. But it is permissible for the wife to make a condition in the contract that she acts on his behalf in this matter. She can then forgo the remaining time.

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