Day Questions

If a patient is diagnosed as brain dead and expert medical opinion says that he is not going to get out of his coma, is it permissible to switch off the ventilator machine that he is using? Furthermore, if the treatment which is being offered to the patient is not helping him medically and he is considered incurable, is it allowed to stop his treatment and medications?

If the machines and the instruments are keeping the heart beating and the blood circulating, then it is permissible to disconnect them. If they are helping the heart in such a way that it would continue to beat when the machines are disconnected – although with difficulties and weakness – then it is not permissible to disconnect the machines. It is not obligatory to continue treating the patient in the first case and it is obligatory in the second case.

Is a bit of dirt and such similar substances that are usually found under the nail or on its sides considered a barrier during wudhu and ghusl?

It is not a condition in the correctness of wudhu or ghusl to remove what is underneath the nail. Dirt that appears on the nail or on its sides must be removed for the wudhu and ghusl to be correct.

Certain branches of fast-food outlets in India advertise the food as Halal, so can we eat in those places?

It is not permissible in such a case if the meat was taken from non-Muslims in a country where non-Muslims are the majority. However, if the meat was taken from a Muslim - even in such a country - and a Muslim claims that it is slaughtered correctly in accordance to Islam then it is permissible to consume it if he finds it probable that the Muslim is saying the truth.

If one chooses to spend the night in the Haram in Mecca instead of going to Mina, what time should he or she start? Can he or she start around 10:00 pm until Fajr? Would that suffice?

It is permissible for the pilgrim to stay overnight in Mecca while he is busy in worshipping, instead of Mina. The amount of time mentioned in the question is sufficient.

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