Day Questions

How do I know who Ahlul-khibra (people of expertise) are so that I may ask them about the most knowledgeable Mujtahid?

The Ahlul-khibra are those who can recognize the most knowledgeable by his books and verdicts. Those experts can be reached through communicating with the Hawza. If such communication is not possible or determining the most knowledgeable is not possible, a believer is required to choose one of the scholars that reached the level of Ijtihad and possesses the qualities of a Marja and follow him. The chosen should be the most God-fearing amongst them if possible. Otherwise, the believer can choose one of them and follow his verdicts.

Do I have to follow one Marja in a particular issue, or can I follow more than one in that issue, choosing one of their edicts?

If the edicts of the Marjas are different in any particular issue, one must follow the most knowledgeable. If his opinion is an obligatory precaution, one has a choice of following him by acting upon the precaution or referring to another Marja provided that the latter is more knowledge than the rest of the Marjas.

What are the limitations on looking at and speaking to a woman that I wish to marry?

It is permissible to look in the normal conventional way, but it must be without sexual enjoyment.

If a person was not present during the sermon of the Friday prayer, can his prayer be valid?

If he was not present during the sermon, his Friday prayer is valid.