Day Questions

If someone says that khums is not obligatory, is that person out of Islam?

If denying the obligation of khums means a denial of its obligation in the unused amount of the yearly income, then this does not affect the person being regarded as a Muslim. However, denying the khums in an absolute way is a clear rejection to the Quranic verses and the tradition of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his holy progeny).

I want to know the Islamic rulings regarding the purchase of treasury bills, whether it is allowed or disallowed in Islam. Treasury bills are when you lend your money to the government and expect an addition (in terms of increase in the amount) at the end of a specified period?

It is permissible to make use of the treasury bills and one must not intent to make a deal with the government bank but rather intend to make use of this mechanism. When collecting the money, it should be on behalf of the religious ruler i.e. the just Mujtahid.

If during Ramadhan I go on a trip to a particular place, and I make the intention that I will stay there for 10 days and will continue the fasting; if after 7 days I change my mind and return home, can I do so and are my fasts valid?

If one intended to stay for ten days at the time of the travel, then he changed his mind afterwards and decided to go home before the completion of the ten days, then his fast is correct.

Is it permissible for a man to satisfy his wife with sex toys? Can he use a condom which is designed to arouse the woman more?

<p style="text-align: left;">It is not permissible to use sex toys that are separate from the body in such a way that the enjoyment is because of the toy. Using the condom in such a way that the enjoyment is due to the penis itself is permissible.</p>

Can we eat food made by a Hindu if he does not use any prohibited things in it, although he uses his hands to make it?

If the food preparation involves transferring of wetness between the person's hand/body and the food, then the food becomes Najis and prohibited to consume based on compulsory precaution.