Day Questions

Is it allowed to resort to law enforcement authorities or the courts in a non-Muslim country if there is a conflict between two Muslims and there is no sharia court in the country, or where the sharia court has no legal validity for the country?

It is not permissible to refer for judgment from other than the Adil Mujtahids who base their verdicts on the laws of the sharia. In such conflicts between Muslims, one should suggest to the opposing party to refer to the religious authority, the Mujtahid, to resolve the conflict. If the opponent refuses, and the only way to obtain one’s rights is through the courts of the land, then it is permissible to do so. The parties of a conflict can also settle it by referring to a third party after they agree to the judgment of the latter as a way of reconciliation.

In Canada, it is very difficult to see the New Moon of Ramadan and Shawwal with the naked eye, so can we depend on scientific calculations?

If the new moon has been ascertained through the religiously valid way in any place in the Americas, then one should act upon it in all the regions of the Americas. If the sighting of the new moon has not been established, but there is certainty derived from scientific calculations that the new moon has reached the level where it is possible to be seen by the naked eye, then one should act upon that too. If there is no such certainty, then one should assume that the month is continuing until the completion of thirty days.

How does one perform Ghusl?

While you form the intention of ghusl, with the aim of seeking closeness to Almighty Allah, one should wash his whole body but should start by pouring water over the head, and then wash the rest of the body. You can also perform ghusl by placing your entire body under water at once while having the said intention.