Question : It is has been mentioned on your website that it is allowed to play state-sponsored lottery, but the prize should be collected on behalf of the religious authority (the Marja). How do we collect the prize on behalf of the Marja?
Answer : If a believer receives money that is taken from a government organization, and it is known that the money had once belonged to a Muslim, it is still regarded as being owned by him. One can take this money by intending to take it on behalf of the Marja, and then he can assume ownership of it. It is better to help the needy believers with some part of it.
Question : I own a store where lottery tickets are sold, and I receive a certain profit on each ticket sold. Is this permissible for me?
Answer : The transaction of the commonly-known lottery is based on purchasing a paper ticket confirming certain numbers he has chosen, and as a result he is entered into a lottery draw. If the chosen numbers match the numbers randomly drawn, they win the prize. Such a transaction is permissible, and selling the tickets of such a lottery is permissible.
Question : Is it allowed to play state-sponsored lottery in which you buy ticket of two Euros, and if you are lucky you can win millions. Is that money lawful or not?
Answer : It is permissible to purchase state-sponsored lottery tickets, but the prize should be collected on behalf of the Marja.
Question : There is a national lottery held in our country, run by a company. Tickets are sold for a very low price, and the winners receive prizes. The company also gives some of their income in the sale of the tickets to certain charitable projects. Is a Muslim permitted to purchase such a ticket with the intention of winning the prize, and if he intends to give a part of the prize to an Islamic charity project?
Answer : Apparently the said transaction is permissible, and it is not considered to be prohibited gambling. The deal here is merely selling a ticket for a low price with the condition that if the chosen numbers match the company’s randomly selected numbers the participant wins the prize. One becomes deserving of the prize due to fulfilling a condition included in the sale deal, so it is permissible to claim the prize. It is not obligatory to spend the money in the way intended, although it is better to do so.