Question : There is a tournament online using a games console where the winner wins a money prize. Is this gambling?
Answer : If the participant pays the money and remains as its owner and the monies are accumulated with a condition that some of it or all of it is to be given to the winner in the draw, then this is gambling and it is prohibited to participate in it.
Question : Can a Muslim play cards in a way that no lying and gambling takes place?
Answer : No, it is not permissible.
Question : Is it allowed to play online games like "pool" with opponents, without any bets or gambling?
Answer : It is permissible.
Question : What is the ruling of playing video games? If the believer knows that even when playing during spare time (when not working and already doing the Islamic obligations daily), are the allowed to play as a spare time hobby?
Answer : It is permissible unless the opponent is the computer in a prohibited game like chess or Cards then it is not permissible based on compulsory precaution.
Question : Is every single type of gambling haram?
Answer : It is prohibited to play any game that was invented to gain money and has a winner and a loser.
Question : What are games that one is not permitted to play?
Answer : It is prohibited to play any game that is based on competition and was invented to gain money like playing cards or chess even if such playing was without betting.
Siting at a Table with Card Players
Question :

Can I sit at a table with those who are playing cards, dominoes and chess on it?

Answer :

It is prohibited to watch the chess players while they are playing. It is permissible to watch the players of other gambling games, unless this leads to encouraging these games or similar prohibitions.