Man & Woman
Question : Is it permissible to watch dramas and movies, where Muslim women normally observe hijab, but usually adorn their faces with make-up while they are working with non-mahram men?
Answer : Looking at them with lust is prohibited.
Question : Is it permissible to have group photographs with female class-fellows who do not wear proper hijab, and doing so does not lead to any sin, the purpose being to have a piece of memory..?
Answer : Yes, it is permissible.
Question : In the West dating is very common. Is it acceptable to date a woman if such meetings are arranged under a contract of temporary marriage? For example, if the dower is my payment for dinner or watching a movie, and we confirm a set period for the marriage, is it permissible?
Answer : Yes, it is permissible, as long as both parties understand this to be a temporary marriage contract.
Man & Woman
Question : I would like to know what your opinion is of someone’s wife having dinner with her husband and his brother at one dinner table. Is it prohibited?
Answer : This is permissible but the woman should observe the obligated hijab.
Question :

Is it allowed for women to recite the Holy Quran loudly in the mosque in the presence of men and women?

Answer :

It is better for the women to recite the Quran for the women, while non-mahram men do not hear their voice.

Social Issue
Question : One intends to go to a fitness center that is mixed. If one has absolutely no intention to look at the women, and if they do appear in view he immediately looks away or ignores them without looking with lust, is there an issue with him attending the fitness center in order to exercise?
Answer : If visiting such places causes him to fall into committing sins, it is prohibited to be there. Otherwise, it is not prohibited to do so.
Question : Is it permissible for a man to look at the photo of a girl who he is well-acquainted with, who observes hijab, but is not wearing the hijab in this particular photo?
Answer : It is permissible to look at the picture without sexual desire. But if looking at her is shameful for her, as she observes the hijab, or is respected in the society, and similar reasons, it is prohibited to look at the photograph even without lust.
Question : Is it allowed for a man to look at the face of a woman who covers her hair, but she wears make up on her face? What if it is done without the intention of lust and there is no fear of committing sins?
Answer : It is not permissible for the woman to wear makeup in the presence of non-Mahram. A man is permitted to look if it was a quick glance and not anything further.
Man & Woman
Question : Is it permissible to chat to women on the internet?
Answer : It is not permissible to communicate with a woman, other than one’s wife, in such a way that arouses sexual desire, even if it was through the internet.
Mix Swimming Pool
Question : Is it permissible for a man to attend mixed-gender swimming pools, particularly if each individual is swimming in separated tracks back and forth?
Answer : Swimming for men, in itself, is permissible; however, these places are one of the reasons of falling into committing sins usually, unless the individual attends during the times when women do not attend.
Man & Woman
Question : Is it allowed for a woman to sit with her brother-in-law at the same dining table?
Answer : It is permissible to do so, as long as she is observing the religious hijab.
Man & Woman
Question : Am I allowed – as a man – to go out with a girl without a religious relationship, in order to get to know her?
Answer : Yes, it is permissible to do so provided that it does not lead to a prohibited act, like touching or looking at each other with lust and the like.
Question : Is there any issue if two non-mahrams drink from the same cup?
Answer : This is permissible.
Question : At what age am I allowed to have a girlfriend?
Answer : It is not permissible to have a relation between the male and the female unless there is a religious marriage contract with its specific conditions.
Man & Woman
Question : I would kindly like to know your fatwa on going to a mixed gender swimming pool because my Marja does not allow it based on an obligatory precaution.
Answer : The verdict of his Eminence in this issue is also an obligatory precaution. Visiting such places is usually associated with prohibited acts like looking at women with prohibited desire. There are lots of negative effects on adults, as well as on children and youths.
"Whosoever keeps his duty to Allah, Allah will appoint a way out for him". (Quran 65:2)
Man & Woman
Question : Can I have friendship with a female class fellow?
Answer : Friendship with the opposite sex may lead to committing sins, so we advise you to stay away from it.
Man & Woman
Question : Is it permissible for me to shake hands with the opposite gender? Is it permissible for me to shake hands with them because I am doing business with them?
Answer : Handshaking that involves skin contact with a person of opposite sex is prohibited. One can use gloves to prevent skin contact.
It is best to apologize for not doing such an action by stating that our religion does not allow it.
Some people who do not understand the religion or do not believe in it might think that this law is disrespectful to women, but this false notion originates from being distanced from the environment of Muslims and not knowing the details of their religion, since the prohibition of hand shaking is not limited to men but it also includes women as well as they are not permitted to shake men’s hand. It is purely a legislation that could mean – based on our understanding – placing borders between men and women to protect their chasteness and to help in preventing them from falling into prohibited acts.
Man & Woman
Question : If I do not make skin contact with a woman, can I put my hand around her coat?
Answer : If it is without pleasure, then it is permissible. Otherwise, it is not permissible.
Man & Woman
Question : Is it allowed to see many times the picture of a girl to whom one intends to marry or in other words one’s fiancée?
Answer : It is permissible if it is without pleasure.
Man & Woman
Question : I am a married Muslim woman; I have formed a business partnership with non-Muslim married men to do business in beauty products. Is this against the religion?
Answer : It is permissible to buy, sell and trade in beauty products; also, it is permissible to have business partnership with men if it does not involve a prohibited act as a result of socializing with them.