Pig's Fat
Question :

If any product contains fat from pigs, can they be consumed, even if it is in very small quantity?

Answer :

If the product contains Najasah even by a little amount, like the mentioned pig fat, then it is Najis and prohibited to consumed.

Najis Clothes
Question :

If time is short and I know my clothing is najis, should I make the dress tahir and then make the prayer up afterwards or should I just ensure that I perform the prayers first so as to not make it qadha and then wash my clothes?

Answer :

If the only clothing available is najis, offering the prayer in such clothing is valid in cases of cold weather or similar necessities. If it can be taken off, the prayer should be offered twice, once with it and once while naked, based on compulsory precaution.
The mentioned necessity rarely occurs in our time since making use of a covering material during prayer is easily done. If not usual clothing, it can be anything like sheets, blankets or similar things as long as the private parts (as defined by the Sharia) are covered for the males and all parts of the body that must be covered for females are covered.

Najis Things
Question : If we attend a wedding reception held by Christian friend, and they serve separate halal food, is it permissible for us to dine there and consume what they claim to the halal food, while we also know that the food was cooked by Christians who may not know the Islamic dietary laws?
Answer : If the food does not contain meat then one can consume it if he does not know that it is najis. If the food contains meat then it must be confirmed that it is slaughtered in accordance to the Sharia, in addition to not knowing that the food is najis. Confirmation of it being slaughtered in accordance to the sharia can be by knowing so himself or by a Muslim who one expects to say the truth informing him of this, or if the provider of the food claims that he obtained it from a Muslim as being slaughtered in accordance to the Sharia. The provider of the food can be non-Muslim who one does not expect to lie.
Christians beliefs
Question : Are Trinitarian Christians polytheists?
Answer : The followers of this belief are considered tahir, and all rulings that apply to Christians apply to them.
Najis Things
Question : If an injection is applied on the body and it is wiped clean with alcohol, is it necessary to wash this area before praying and change the clothes which have come in contact with the alcohol?
Answer : Yes, the body and clothes will need to be tahir before offering the prayer.
Najis Things
Question : What is the ruling if one was in the mosque and a little bit of blood came out of his wound onto the floor of the mosque?
Answer : It is obligatory to remove the najasah from the mosque and restore its taharah again.
Najis Things
Question : Is grape juice najis? If the juice was sterilized by boiling is it considered as najis?
Answer : Grape juice does not become najis when boiled, but it will become prohibited to consume. However, if it is boiled until two-thirds of it is evaporated, the remaining third becomes permissible to consume.
Najis Things
Question : If the father of the child is Buddhist, and his mother is a Muslim, will the mother’s religion allow the child to be considered Muslim and tahir?
Answer : The marriage is void in the said case since it is prohibited for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man. If she knew that her marriage was invalid, then the child is not considered tahir. If she was unaware of the invalidity of her marriage, then the child is considered tahir.
non Muslim najis
Question : How should I explain to a Hindu friend that their food is Najis?
My Hindu friend has studied parts of Islam and he knows that pig, dog, urine, blood, alcohol and a few other disgusting things are Najis. He finds it offensive that I consider him and even his four-year-old child Najis.
Please provide ideas on how I can explain this to him.
Answer : Not all their food is Najis, if the food is dry and they have not touched it with dampness, such as nuts or fruit, then they are not Najus. You do not have to inform him of such a law. It is better to deal with him nicely and avoid dealing with such an issue.
Najis Things
Question : Is it permissible to swallow the semen during oral sex?
Answer : Semen is Najis, and it is prohibited to swallow a Najis thing.
Purity of Meat
Question : If an animal is slaughtered but not in an Islamic way, it is prohibited to consume the meat but is it considered Najis?
Answer : Yes, it is considered Najis.
Najis Things
Question : I am applying a cream to my skin for medical purposes, but the cream contains cetostearyl alcohol. Is this cream to be considered Najis? If so, how can I perform Wudhu and prayers?
Answer : If the alcohol mentioned causes intoxication, then it is Najis. If your hand and/or body come in contact with a Najis thing, then you need to purify them in order to perform the Wudhu.
Question : If one causes something to become Najis that is used by others as well, is it obligatory to inform them?
Answer : It is not obligatory to do so, unless the contaminated thing was Tahir and its owner trusted the individual to inform him of its condition if it becomes Najis.
Question : Object A is initially najis and makes contact with object B with wetness. Object B makes contact to object C with wetness. Object C then makes contact with object D with wetness. If something comes into contact with object D with wetness, does it also become najis? Or is it considered at this point something that is najis but that does not make anything else najis?
Answer : Object D is considered as najis and can cause other things to be najis as well when contacted with dampness.
Najis Clothes
Question : If I have a wound which has not healed and is still bleeding, what should I do when I perform prayers?
Answer : As long as the wound has not healed and the blood flows naturally from the wound, one can offer his prayers in such a state.
This exception does not make the blood tahir, If you touched the wound with your hand, and it becomes najis with blood, you must purify it before offering the prayer.
Baby Placenta
Question : Is there any Islamic teaching regarding on how to manage the baby placenta after birth?
Answer : It is not obligatory to bury it. It is considered as Najis based on an obligatory precaution.
Najis Things
Question : If an Islamic food authority is providing halal meat, but one doubts whether Allah's name has been mentioned over it, will it be permissible to eat?
Answer : If the meat is taken from a Muslim and there is a probability that he slaughtered it in accordance to the sharia, then it is permissible to consume it.
Question : I was using the toilet and the urine splashed onto my body which I did not wash. Also a few drop of urine fell on my underwear accidently, which I did not wash. I went to bed and started to sweat. Does that make the rest of my clothes Najis?
Answer : The part of the body and clothing that came in contact with urine becomes Najis, and whatever comes in contact with the Najis body or clothing with transferring dampness also becomes Najis. So, if the sweat transfers the wetness from the Najis body or clothing to anything else, the latter also becomes Najis
Purity vs Impurity.
Question : What is your ruling about the stool and urine of birds which are permissible and prohibited to consume?
Answer : It is Tahir.
Najis Things
Question : If I have a wound which has not healed and is still bleeding, what should I do when I perform prayers?
Answer : As long as the wound has not healed, the blood, which naturally flows from the wound, is exempted from the general rule of taharah during the prayer, so you may offer his prayers in such a state.
If you touched the wound with your hand, and it becomes najis with blood, you must purify it before offering the prayer.