Duties Towards Neighbor
Question :

what is our obligation towards the neighbor?

Answer :

It is prohibited to harm the neighbors, it is highly recommended to be kind with the neighbors and to deal with them in a good way.

Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Wrong
Question : Can anyone enjoin the good and forbid the evil or it is obligatory on scholars and religious leaders only?
Answer : It is obligatory on every believer to enjoin the good and forbid the wrong if the conditions are met.
Question : It has been written in your website that it is permissible for believers to commit backbiting in those cases in which the person sins publicly. Does this mean that only criticism in respect of him committing such sins openly can be done, or does backbiting him regarding all his sins and misdeeds become permissible?
Answer : When a person is committing sins openly and in public then his personal sanctity is no longer recognized and his backbiting is then allowed, even in respect to sins that he does not commit in public.
Question : It is prohibited in Islam to backbite a believer; does this apply to a person who says that he is a Muslim when asked but he openly commits sins, such as consuming unlawful food and drink, being in forbidden relationships, etc. Does the prohibition of backbiting apply in respect to him?
Answer : If the believer commits sins openly then it is allowed to backbite and criticize him.
Question : Backbiting is prohibited in Islam. So how can a man raise his voice against a cruel person or tell other people about the wicked nature of any person or system? If the wicked person was an oppressive ruler, is backbiting such a person permitted?
Answer : Yes, it is permissible to backbite a person who is openly committing sins, and amongst the greatest of sins is oppression and aggression.
Playing Chess
Question :

Is playing chess and black gammon, without betting, permissible?

Answer :

It is not permissible to play betting games even if it was without betting.

Playing Cards
Question :

My family and I (father and brothers) play cards just for fun and of course without betting. Please advise me.

Answer :

It is not allowed to play chess, cards or any similar games that are based on competing and making money.

Transgression against believers
Question : I committed a big sin and had sex outside the marriage, and after that I am now not able to concentrate, everything gone upside down, and I am feeling so guilty about myself, only one thing is coming in my mind that I cannot live with this guilty anymore and want to finish myself.
Answer : It is not correct to commit a greater sin because of committing a lighter one, since committing suicide is greater than adultery. You should repent from what you have done as Almighty Allah forgives all sins.

You can guard yourself by getting satisfied through marriage whether it is permanent or temporary. May Allah help you pass this hardship.
Transgression against believers
Question : Are there any cases/situations in which Islam permits suicide?
Answer : Islam does not allow suicide in any way or form.
Question : Before I started practicing Islam and I didn't care about permissible and prohibited things. I used to work for my father and while I was working I unlawfully took some money from his company. Do I have to admit this to him?
I took out a loan for my father and he was supposed to pay it back in a year but he couldn't. So if I agree to make the repayments every month instead of him paying it can I repay him in this way without telling him that I took money from him all those years ago? Or should I tell him?

Answer : You should pay back what you have taken from him but it is not a must to tell him what you have done in the past. The monthly payment can be considered part of your repayment to him if you are not contributing but you are paying on his behalf.
Question : When I was in school I went to a supermarket with my friends and I stole a magazine, this again was before I was practicing Islam. Now the supermarket isn't there and there is a new one. So, my question is how should I atone for this? Should I give money to charity on their behalf?
Answer : You should look for the shop owner and pay him/her the said amount and you do not need to inform the owner why you are paying when you find him/her. If you could not reach him/her, it is enough to be prepared to pay the owner his/her dues when possible.
Paying the amount as a charity on behalf of the owner when he/she can not be reached is a good thing but it is not mandatory and does not remove the obligation on you to satisfy the owner whenever you can reach him/her.
Question : If a person has stolen something and he cannot find the owner? Is it then sufficient if he pays the value in Sadaqa? What if it is a big company or something alike and it is hard to find out how he should pay it back?
Answer : Yes, it can be paid as a charity on behalf of the item’s owner but it is not obligatory if the owner was unknown. It is enough to intend to give it back when the owner is found although, it is better to pay it as a charity on the owner’s behalf.
If stealing was from a big company, then the owner(s) are known. He should turn the item or its value to the manager or deposit the amount in the company's bank account where the owner(s) can access it.
Question : If someone committed adultery in his youth, but thereafter he repented and had not committed such a sin again, should he still expect to be punished in purgatory (barzakh)?
Answer : If he repents and seeks forgiveness, the mercy of Almighty Allah is expected to reach him. He shall not be subject to any punishment, God willing.
Question : How does one purify their heart from the darkness of their sins?
Answer : Repentance, which is regretting the committing of sins and the determination to refrain from them in the future, is one of the reasons of the mercy of Almighty Allah. Seeking forgiveness from Almighty Allah and continuing to do so whenever one remembers the sin helps the purification of the heart.
Performing the good deeds leads to the cleanliness of the heart as well. Almighty Allah said: “Good deeds annul ill-deeds” (11:114).
Question : If one performs Umrah, does it forgive his sins? If yes, does this include major sins as well? Is it true that having one’s sins forgiven makes one leave the sacred place in Mecca after performing Umrah as if he or she was born again?
Answer : It has been reported that Umrah is expiation from sin and this is a presentation of God's mercy and kindness to His slaves when He legislated for them certain acts of obedience that lead to forgiveness of sins. This is common is the religious texts. Despite that, a devotee should be afraid of his sins so he may become closer to Allah's mercy and acceptance and this may be an encouragement to perform more good deeds and avoid committing sins. Almighty Allah said: "And those who give that which they give with hearts afraid because they are about to return unto their Lord; these race for the good things, and they shall win them in the race". (23:60-61)
Question : I have committed a lot of sins in my life. Those sins keep coming back to haunt me and I don't know what to do. I have been praying for Allah's forgiveness day and night. For many years now I haven't found peace of mind.
Specifically, please tell me how should I know that my sins have been forgiven?
Answer : All sins can be forgiven by sincere repentance. We advise you not to pay attention to the feeling of guilt since Almighty Allah said: “Despair not of the mercy of Allah, Who forgives all sins. Lo! He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”. Yes, it is recommended to seek forgiveness whenever the committed sins are remembered but should not turn into psychological complication.
Question : What is the Kaffarah (expiation) for drinking alcohol?
Answer : There is no special Kaffarah prescribed for this act. One should repent and seek forgiveness.
Question : My problem is I have committed a very major sin, adultery and regret it very much. I am ashamed of myself and ask Allah for forgiveness. The thing is I don’t know what to do now should I marry the guy? Will it make our sin less or will it stay the same?
Answer : Getting married to the adulterer does not decrease the sin. What does is repentance and repeatedly seeking forgiveness. Almighty Allah said: “Say: O my slaves who have been prodigal to their own hurt! Despair not of the mercy of Allah, Who forgives all sins. He is the Forgiving, the Merciful”. 39:53.
Question : If a man does a sin and then again immediately does a good deed, will his good deed finish his sin?
Answer : Repentance erases the sin and leads to forgiveness. It is certain that some good deeds lead to erasing the sins as Almighty Allah says: “Good deeds annul ill-deeds”.11:114. However, we cannot give a general criterion for that. For a believer, it is better to combine repentance, seeking forgiveness and performing good deeds so he may be closer to Almighty Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.
Question : According to me, a person must repent in a state of purity whether with ghusl or without ghusl but in a state of purity and once in the position of prostration or standing in front of Qiblah if he committed a lot of major sins i.e. not praying the obligatory prayers and fasts. So if a person does this, will the past major sins be forgiven?
Answer : Repentance is regret and determination to avoid committing sins in the future. Being in the state of purity, prayers or fasting is not part of it. Yes, it is recommended to repeatedly seek forgiveness whenever sins are remembered. A devotee is expected to have high hope in almighty Allah’s acceptance of the repentance and the forgiveness of sins. Almighty Allah said: “O my slaves who have been prodigal to their own hurt! Despair not of the mercy of Allah, Who forgives all sins. Lo! He is the Forgiving, the Merciful” 39:53.