Compensation (Diya and Dhaman)
Question : If a child has damaged something belonging to somebody else, like a mobile phone, are the parents of the child obliged to pay the compensation for the damage?
Answer : The child is liable to compensate the loss, and not his father.
Compensation (Diya and Dhaman)
Question : If the toy of a child, such as a ball, goes over the fence into the neighbors backyard, and he is not at home, in order to soothe a crying child can I climb over and bring back the toy from there?
Answer : It is not permissible to trespass into the property of the neighbor.
Compensation (Diya and Dhaman)
Question : How much is the Diya after beating someone in the following scenarios:
a) If the face is blackened by beating
b) If the face becomes green
c) If it is reddened
d) If it is another part of the body, other than face
Answer : The Diya in beating someone in the face when blackened is six golden dinars. If the face becomes green then it is three dinars. If it becomes red then it is 1.5 dinar. Each dinar is equivalent to 4.25 grams of gold.
If the beating was on other than the face, like the hand, leg and foot, or chest then it is half of what is mentioned.
If it was on the head then there are various cases with different rulings for the Diyah. All the cases and their rulings are mentioned in details in the book of practical laws.
Compensation (Diya and Dhaman)
Question : Can the Diya be paid in modern currency, or must it be in gold?
Answer : It can be paid in gold or what is equivalent to it if the victim is satisfied that it is equivalent.
Compensation (Diya and Dhaman)
Question : Must the Diya be paid immediately or can it be delayed?
Answer : It is like the rest of the debts that should be paid with the request of the victim and the ability of the offender to pay.
Compensation (Diya and Dhaman)
Question : What if one does not have enough money or means to pay Diya?
Answer : If the offender cannot pay it, it stays as a debt on him.
Compensation (Diya and Dhaman)
Question : If a child has been beaten, should he have to receive the Diya immediately or after reaching the age of adulthood? Will the received Diya be subjected to Khums?
Answer : The Diya is supposed to be paid to the child right away unless the guardian sees it in the best interests of the child to postpone it. There is no Khums in the Diya.
Compensation (Diya and Dhaman)
Question : Is it permissible for the one who has been beaten to excuse the one who has beaten him, so that he does not have to pay the Diyah?
Answer : Yes, it is permissible to forgive the person who hit him and waive the Diyah, except if the victim is a child since there is no effect in his forgiveness till he reaches the age of adulthood.