Question : Is it permissible to play the piano for relaxation and destressing purposes?
Answer : It is not permissible.
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Question : Is learning to play a musical instrument forbidden?
Answer : Learning music without practicing it is permissible, but such a thing is merely a theoretical assumption since learning music is associated with listening to it and playing it.
It is prohibited to learn or play music that causes rapture.
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Question : Can we be present at an Islamic wedding, where people are performing Islamic songs?
Answer : All kinds of songs are prohibited except ones performed by women for the women in weddings without the presence of men and without music.
It is permissible to recite nasheeds without tunes that cause rapture in religious ceremonies or social happy gatherings.
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Question : When it is said that military music is permitted, what does this mean?
Answer : What is meant by this is the music that is not for amusement and does not cause rapture.
Question : If listening to poetry about the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) with background musical instruments causes one to feel rapture; does it become impermissible to listen to?
Answer : If the music causes rapture then it is not permissible to listen to it.
Wife Sing in Wedding Ceremony
Question : Is it permissible for a wife to sing in a wedding ceremony in front of many people, men and women, without her husband’s permission?
Answer : This is not permissible even if the husband allows it, since it is impermissible to do so in the presence of men. If the audience comprises of only women, then it is permissible for woman to sing during wedding ceremonies.
Question : His Eminence has stated that music which causes rapture or enjoyment is prohibited. However what about sad music that doesn't bring about enjoyment, but instead sheds tears?
Answer : What we mean by rapture is the effect of the music on the soul and its reaction to it whether it result in happiness, enjoyment or sorrow.
Urgent help! Islamic history film in production
Question : A film is being produced about Islamic history; we are using certain background music to add tension, emotion as well as beauty to the incidents of the film. Such a thing makes a huge difference on the viewer. Is what we are doing permissible in this situation?
Answer : It is prohibited to listen to music that causes rapture. If it does not do so because of its short period of time or the way that it is played, like the military music, then it is not prohibited to listen to it.
Question : Is Opera halal to listen to?
Answer : Since it involves songs and music with rapture then it is prohibited to listen to it.
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Question : Is it permissible to sit in ceremonies were forbidden songs are played?
Answer : It is not permissible to listen to songs if such listening is with reacting to them and being affected by them. Even if this is not the case, attending such ceremonies is prohibited if it encourages and propagates prohibited acts and evil.
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Question : Some members of my family listen to music and they won’t stop. Now, I heard a narration from Imam Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) saying that a house where there is music the angels do not enter and therefore my good deeds do not get recorded. What can I do?
Answer : You should advise them, and their bad actions do not affect you. Almighty Allah said: "And whosoever does an atom's weight of good will see it” (7:99).
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Question : Some introduction song to the certain TV series is about the love of people for their country, would this be permissible to listen to?

Answer : It is impermissible to listen to songs that lead to rapture.
Classical music and blood pressure
Question : Studies show that listening to classical music for 30 minutes a day whilst breathing slowly decreases the blood pressure. I need to reduce my blood pressure, so can I start doing this? Will this be a sin?
Answer : It is not permissible to listen to the music because of the said reason, unless the high blood pressure was a danger to the health, and its treatment was only by listening to music.
Question : Other Maraje say that if the music is not suitable for gatherings then it is allowed. Is the verdict of his eminence the same? Is this based on compulsory precaution or is it a verdict?
Answer : The music which is based on rapture is prohibited whether it is commonly used and popular in amusement gatherings or not.
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Question : You have mentioned that the music for amusement is not permissible. Are you implying that God does not allow the believer to be happy?
Answer : Almighty Allah does not want the individual to get entertained in this particular way of entertainment. However, there are other kinds of religiously permitted desired things than can be enjoyed by a believer.

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Question : In the music section of your website, you mentioned that music that involves rapture is not permissible. What do you mean by rapture?
Answer : What the term rapture mean is the frivolity that the music and/or the song listener feels that lead to reacting with them in such a way that effects his/her feeling and sentiment.
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Question : Are all types of music are prohibited?
Answer : It is unlawful to listen to amusing music in a way that is based on enjoyment and rapture.
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Question : Is it allowed to manufacture, sell, buy or use musical instruments that sometimes can be used in gatherings of corruption and sometimes are not used in such meetings?
Answer : If the percentage of the permissible usage of such instrument is considerable, then it is allowed to buy, sell and manufacture them.
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Question : Is it allowed to listen to music that sometimes can be used in gatherings of corruption and sometimes are not used in such meetings?
Is it allowed to listen to songs that sometimes can be used in gatherings of corruption and sometimes are not used in such meetings?
Answer : Listening for the sake of enjoyment is prohibited.
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Question : I thought that war and revolutionary songs were not suitable for gatherings of corruption. However, recently I saw in TV some man and women dancing together with this type of music, although the lyrics were Islamic.
Is listening war and revolutionary songs, that can be used both in good and bad gatherings, allowed in Islam?
Answer : If such music arouse rapture then it is prohibited to listen to, otherwise it is allowed.