Woman at work
Question :

Can a female wearing full hijab teach boys of 12 years or below in an Islamic School? What if there is a male teacher available?

Answer :

It is permissible to do so as long as decency and modesty is guarded.

Question : Is it permissible to work in a fast food restaurant where I serve chicken and beef as well as pork in non-Muslim countries?
Answer : If you were not the one who is part of the purchase contract, then it is permissible to do such work. If this work is considered despicable to you, as you are serving food that is amongst the firm prohibitions in the Islamic faith, and this would give a negative impression on you in the eyes of people around you, then it is prohibited from this aspect, since it is prohibited for the believer to cause himself to be humiliated. Otherwise, the original action of transferring prohibited food from the seller to the buyer is not prohibited, and taking payment and tips for it is permissible also.
Working in Irani dramas and movies
Question : Is it permissible, as a male actor, to work in dramas and movies with Muslim actresses, who although wear appropriate clothing but usually adorn their faces with make-up? Is it permitted to look at their faces while doing a scene together?
Answer : Working as an actor is permissible but it is prohibited to look at them with lust.
Question : What is the ruling for the income gained from working in a cinema theater?
Answer : It is permissible to work in cinema theaters if the work is permissible, like serving lawful food and drinks and such work.
Question : Can a person work in a kindergarten school where the children of Muslims and non-Muslims are given pork and prohibited meat?
Answer : It is permissible to work in the kindergarten if he is not serving the prohibited meat or preparing the meals that include it.
Question : I live in a non-Muslim country. Can I work here as a pizza driver, where I have to deliver alcohol and unlawful meat?
Answer : It is impermissible to purchase or sell alcohol, meat of an animal that was not slaughtered in accordance to the sharia and meat of pig, even if the purchaser or the seller acts as an agent on behalf of someone else. However, it is permissible to deliver such prohibited items unless such act involves another prohibition, like if it encourages the committing of sins.
Question : I am employed at the central bank of my country and my responsibilities include making correspondence with banks, categorizing each bank as good, satisfactory, or bad etc. with respect to financial position and the like. Please guide me whether my salary is permissible?
Answer : If your work in the bank does not include editing deals that involve interest or participating in forming such contracts by being a party in the deal, then working in banks is permissible. The cash bills that you receive from the government from such work as salary if they were previously owned by muslims, are called “Majhool Al-malik”. The religious obligation on it is to receive it with the intention of being on behalf of His Eminence (may Allah grant him a long life), and then intend to own it.
Question : Is it haram for me - as a man - to work as a personal trainer in a gym?
Answer : It is not permissible for the man to work with females if it leads to skin contact with non-Mahram or it lead to sexual desire that results from looking at them.
Question : If i want to advertise a product for my business, am I allowed to use a woman that does not wear hijab as a model in the advert to be advertised all over the world?
Answer : If the said propagates prohibitions and mischief then it is prohibited.
Question : My friend drives a mini bus taxi in Norway, and he has a music system in the mini bus, where customers can read the text on the TV and sing songs. When he has this type of music system in the taxi, people order his taxi in advance just to sing songs. Is it allowed to accept this kind of tours?
Answer : If listening to the music has part of the trip charges, then this charge is prohibited. If the cost of the trip does not include a cost for music, then the charge is permissible. In all cases, it is prohibited to) listen to music that give rise to enjoyment.
social evils
Question : If a person indulges in back-biting and slandering his co-workers with his superiors with the intention to be in his seniors’ good books so that he gets a promotion, is this permissible and is his income lawful?
Answer : It is prohibited to backbite and make accusations against believers, but this does not make the salary unlawful.
Question : Is the income of a believing woman lawful if she does not wear hijab at work, voluntarily or because she was required at her workplace not to do so?
Answer : A woman must wear the hijab during work and in other places in the presence of non-Mahram. However, if she decided not to, she will be a sinner, but this does not affect the lawfulness of the income that she receives for such a work.
Question : Is there a situation in which dealing with pork is permissible? For example, I am considering getting a job as a delivery driver but I am required to deliver pizzas which contain pork. Is there any way which I can deliver these pizzas in a lawful manner?
Answer : If you were not the one who sells the pork, or sell the pizza that contains port but only delivering it then the work is permissible.
Question : If a Shia Muslim employer is paying low salaries to his employees irrespective of status or rank, and it is lower than the market rate, is this permissible? If a person is promoted to a higher rank, but his salary remains the same, is this permissible? If an employee bears this injustice against him, will he be rewarded for his forbearance, or should he beg and demand for his rightful salary according to market rate? If the employee speaks with his parents, relatives and friends about the situation and complains against the employer, is this regarded as Gheebah (backbiting)?
Answer : It is not prohibited for the employer to pay his employees less than the market rate salary, if the employees agree to the wages, as they have the option to accept or reject the job.
If a believer is patient in the times of hardships and misfortunes, then he will be rewarded for it, God willing. But if one can get a better job, but decided to be patient in staying on the current low-salary job, then we cannot be certain that he will be rewarded.
If he explained his situation to others without belittling his current employer then it is not prohibited.
Shaving the Beard
Question :

Can a man shave his mustache and beard? Is your ruling based on Ihtiyaat? I am unemployed and have to survive my family. A job is offered to me and they asked me to shave. I am confused about this regards.

Answer :

It is not permissible to shave. The ruling is a verdict and not based on precaution - Ihtiyaat . You are advised to look for a permissible kind of livelihood as almighty Allah is with whoever looks for a permissible sustenance.

Question :

Is it permissible to work in a company that uses a system said to be Islamic, through which high priced items are sold in installments to such people who can not pay the price lump sum when the total amount of installments is higher than the current value at the time of sale. On the payment of the final installment, the car becomes the buyer's?

Answer :

It is permissible to sell high priced items in installments even if the total price is more than the price at the time of the deal. Yes, the religious transfer of the ownership is at the time of the deal. It is permissible to delay the registration of the ownership to the last installment. Based on that, it is permissible to work from this aspect.

Question : Is it permissible for a woman to go to work?
Answer : Yes, it is permissible.
Question : If a man keeps a woman on work in order to attract customers, then what he earns is it halal or haram?
Answer : The earnings are permissible but we warn from such ways of earning as it might lead to prohibited acts.
Question : Is it permissible for someone to use the office computer in the place of work to print out some Islamic materials from the internet for a personal consumption?
Answer : It is not allowed without the permission of the office owner.
Question : I work in a supermarket where I fill food products in the store. Is it permissible for me to fill pork (meat of pig)?
Answer : Yes, it is permissible.