Question : If one mosque has many donated carpets by way of waqf, and other mosques in the city do not have enough carpets, is it possible to give carpets from first mosque to another mosque for permanent use?
Answer : If the carpets donated as religious endowment (waqf) were many in quantity, such that the mosque does not require them all and are therefore not used, it is permissible to transfer it to another mosque. Otherwise it is not permissible.
Question : What is the ruling on smoking shisha or cigarettes just outside the mosques and Islamic places of worship?
Answer : It is permissible to smoke in the places adjacent to the mosques and Islamic places of worship.
Question : We were offering the prayers in a mosque from the last few years. Now we are going to renovate the mosque. Therefore we want to offer the prayers in a hussaniya, but there is not mating (for flooring) in hussaniya. Can we shift the mating of mosque to hussaniya for this period of time and offer the prayer there?
Answer : If the renovation period was short then it is not permissible to remove the matting from the mosque.
Question : What is the ruling of allowing a person who openly commits sins to enter the mosque?
Answer : It is permissible to allow him to enter the mosque even if he committed the said major sins. His presence in the mosque shall be a reason for his return to Almighty Allah. He is All-Merciful.
Question : I am a new Muslim I have been following Sunni Islam I have now read some books on Shia Islam and I would like to become a Shia but there is no Shia mosque where I live can I still pray like a Sunni and go to the Sunni mosque?
Answer : There is nothing wrong with visiting Sunni Mosques but the prayer should be according to the sect of the Ahlulbait as believing in their path imposes the believer to so do as they are the smallest amongst the two weighty things that the Prophet (peace be upon him) commend us to refer to.
Question : Is it better for a woman to offer her Prayers at the Mosque or at her house?
Answer : The women's prayer at home is better than her prayer at the mosque.
Blood in a Mosque
Question :

What is the ruling if one was in the mosque and a little bit of blood came out of his wound onto the floor of the mosque?

Answer :

It is obligatory to remove the najasah from the mosque and restore its taharah again.