Question : A few days ago I was cleaning my terrace where I found a bag in which there were several pieces of paper and threads, which imply magic. What should I do with it?
Answer : One should look for its owner and give it to him. With despair of finding the owner, one should give it as a charity on the owner’s behalf. If the papers have the name(s) of Allah written on them, one should dispose of them by placing them in a river or the like. You should not be afraid of its effect and depend on Almighty Allah, and recite Ayatul Kursi as it is known that it is beneficial in such cases.
Question : What is the rule on Black Magic? Is teaching people Black Magic permissible or prohibited?
Answer : Magic is prohibited. Yes, if one is required to stop the effect of magic by using magic itself and being under magic is harmful then it is permissible to terminate magic by magic.
Black Magic
Question : Is it possible that a magician sends a Jinn (by Magic) to hurt a human/Muslim?
Answer : There is no doubt that magic exists and it is possible that the magician can make use of Jinns and other things as well.
Question : Is practicing harmless white magic permissible if you are experienced?
Answer : It is not permissible to use magic even if it is for a good cause, like strengthening the relationship between the wife and the husband.
Question : I suspect that magic or sorcery has been cast on me. I started getting angry about two months ago and always feel agitated. I also noticed signs in the genitalia area along with obsessive desire which I ignored at first. Please could you check if my suspicion is right, and if so what I should do?
Answer : We advise you to refrain from such fictions and fantasies. It is known that "Ayatul-Kursi" (verse 2:255) is useful to defeat ٍٍٍٍٍٍSatans. You should recite it constantly and ignore these illusions and not think about them.
Question : I read the supplication against black magic. It is stated that one should write this supplication on deer skin. Can I use something else to write on because it is hard to find deer skin?
Answer : We are not aware of the method mentioned, but there are some narrations that state that in order to annul magic one can recite the verse 10:81 of the Holy Quran (“That which you have brought is magic. Allah will make it vain. Allah upholds not the work of mischief-makers.” (10:81).