A Ring with the Holy Names
Question :

I have a ring which has the names of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) inscribed on the top of the stone. This means that I have to take care of not allowing Najasah to touch it, and I should not touch it without wudhu, and I have to take it off whenever I enter the toilet. It is not always possible to remove my ring. What do you suggest?

Answer :

We advise you to have a ring that does not have any holy name written on it, which you are free to wear in any place, and wear the mentioned ring with the holy names written on it when you are praying.

White gold
Question :

Is it permissible for a man to wear a necklace or ring made of white gold?

Answer :

It is permissible for men to wear white gold jewelry, as long as he is not imitating women.

Clothes & Appearance
Question : If a man has a gold tooth, is his prayer valid?
Answer : It is permissible to have a gold tooth if it is not conventionally considered as beautification. If it is considered as beautification, then based on an obligatory precaution one should refrain from having one and the prayers with it is invalid.
Clothes & Appearance
Question : What is the opinion of His Eminence on the shortening of trousers to the ankles?
Answer : It is permissible for men to do so.
Clothes & Appearance
Question : If there is gold on a pen, can I carry it in my pocket and pray with it?
Answer : Yes, it is permissible to carry it, and carrying it during the prayer does not invalidate it.
Question : Can a man wear a chain with a ring (not gold) on his neck?
Answer : Wearing the ring in a chain around one’s neck by itself is permissible, unless doing so is considered as emulation of women or it leads to humiliation or similar results which are prohibited to bring about, then it becomes impermissible.
Clothes & Appearance
Question : Is it permissible to use permanent artificial teeth?
Answer : Yes, It is permissible to use the artificial teeth.
Question : What wisdom is there in wearing a ring in the left hand? When is it appropriate to wear a ring in the left hand?
Answer : Wearing a ring on the left hand only is disliked. However, this dislike is removed if one also has a ring on his right hand.
Clothes & Appearance
Question : Is it allowed in Islam for a woman to braid her hair with fake hair? If yes, is it allowed to use human hair or animal hair like that of goats or camels?
Answer : Using both kinds of hair is permissible.
Question : In the west, in many of the mosques, all the people wear western clothing; would it be considered disliked to wear a jilbab and a turban to the mosque, even though it would draw attention and set you aside from all the other believers in the mosque?
Answer : It is permissible to wear the turban even if it leads to distinguishing the person who wears it from other believers.
Clothes & Appearance
Question : Is it permissible to wear more than one ring containing different stones in one hand?
Answer : Yes, it is permissible.
Question : Are Muslim men allowed to get their ears or any parts of their body pierced?
Answer : It is not permissible for men to imitate women. Piercing is permissible if it does not lead to that.
Question : I am a new female convert and am wondering if it is permitted to wear clear nail polish and mascara. Also am I permitted to wear color or am I only permitted to wear black.
Answer : It is not permissible to show the woman’s embellishment to non-Mahram men, other than applying kohl, wearing a ring or a bracelet. It is permissible to wear colored clothes.
Clothes & Appearance
Question : Is it permissible for men to wear a gold earring in one ear?

Answer : No, it is not permissible.
Clothes & Appearance
Question : Is there any religious prohibition in wearing black shoes?
Answer : It is not prohibited to do so.
Clothes & Appearance
Question : Can I use my T-shirt of my city’s football team but who has publicity of a well-known beer of my country?
Answer : If this promotes beer, then it is not permissible to wear it.
Genetically Modified Organism
Question : What is the ruling on the use of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) in agricultural and meat sources in Halal cosmetics and personal care products?
Answer : It is permissible to use them; unless it involves a major harm on the health of the individual, in which case one must refrain from using them based on an obligatory precaution.
Clothes & Appearance
Question : Can a mature man wear short pants (up to his knees or a little above), in public?
Answer : It is not part of the pubic area that men should cover when they are in public unless such a thing subjects the person to be humiliated then it becomes prohibited.
Clothes & Appearance
Question : If my tie is made of silk, is it permissible to wear it if it is not directly touching my body? (It is over my shirt)
Answer : It is prohibited to wear if it was from pure silk. Based on compulsory precaution, it should not been worn during the prayer and the prayer is void then.
Question : Is it permissible to get my nose or lip pierced?
Answer : Based on an obligatory precaution, it is impermissible to cause a major harm to ones body. If this does not cause a severe harm then it is permissible. In any case, we advise you to refrain from doing such things, as it is an act of frivolity. If it encourages misguidance then it becomes prohibited.