Question :

Facebook is a famous social networking website which has been used by the enemies of Islam in their propagation against Islam and in insulting the Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) and the Quran. At the same time it is being used for good propagation and information sharing, and in defending Islam. However, it is argued that it is used more for evil than for good. What is His Eminence's view on this?

Answer :

It is permissible to use it.

Returning the Salam
Question : We know that replying to the greeting if it was in the form of Salam is obligatory. Is it obligatory to reply to it if it was in an internet group or chat room?
Answer : It is not obligatory.
Online Games
Question :

Is playing online games like "pool" without money, with opponents, is prohibited or disliked or permissible?

Answer :

It is permissible.

Question : Please elaborate on question 18 in the following link in your site
I use cafés to do college work sometimes and it is a public place where anyone is allowed to go on any website except those with pornographic material and so on. What about the library at college?
Answer : As long as it is not considered as encouragement to the prohibitions, it is permissible to enter the café and the library and use them.
Question : When it comes to today's way of interacting online, there is something called "smilies" or "emoticons" which show what the person's expression is. Is it permissible for a boy and a girl to communicate through the internet messenger this way?
Answer : If the said involves sexual arousal or sexual lust then it is prohibited. Otherwise, it is permissible.
Question : If I am on a website such as Facebook or Youtube and see some people talking badly about a Shia brother, am I obligated to post something to defend him? Or is it only recommended?
Answer : It is better to defend the said person if it is considered as defeating oppression or propagating the true religion.
Question : Is it, in an online Islamic discussion, allowed to delete the opinion of another member, if it is thought to be harmful, although it is part of the discussion?
Answer : It is permissible to do so if the person is in charge of the room or the website, or was permitted by the person in charge of the room or website to do so.
Question : Is it permissible to visit pornographic sites?
Answer : If it involves sexual enjoyment then it is prohibited.