Medical Issues
Question : Is there any issue with intercourse with the wife while she is pregnant, whether towards the beginning or end of her pregnancy?
Answer : It is permissible unless it will cause a miscarriage. It is then prohibited.
withdrawal of medical treatment
Question : If a patient is diagnosed as brain dead and expert medical opinion says that he is not going to get out of his coma, is it permissible to switch off the ventilator machine that he is using?
Furthermore, if the treatment which is being offered to the patient is not helping him medically and he is considered incurable, is it allowed to stop his treatment and medications?
Answer : If the machines and the instruments are keeping the heart beating and the blood circulating, then it is permissible to disconnect them. If they are helping the heart in such a way that it would continue to beat when the machines are disconnected – although with difficulties and weakness – then it is not permissible to disconnect the machines.
It is not obligatory to continue treating the patient in the first case and it is obligatory in the second case.
Question : What is the Islamic ruling on becoming a surrogate mother?
Answer : Based on compulsory precaution it is prohibited to insert, in the womb of a woman, an egg that is fertilized by a sperm of other than her husband, unless the fertilized egg is old enough to be conventionally recognized as an embryo outside the womb. In this case, it is permissible to insert the embryo inside the womb of a surrogate mother.
The child belongs to the husband and wife, the source of the egg and the sperm used to fertilize it.
Medical Issues
Question : Is it permissible for a husband and wife to select the gender of a child, and use in vitro fertilization as a means to attain pregnancy if the sperm of the husband and the egg of the wife are used, and both husband and wife are fertile?
Answer : If it is not necessary for them to do it, then it is not permissible to use such a method since it involves prohibited uncovering of the private parts.
Medical Issues
Question : Is it permissible to have abortion if the child is expected to be mentally or physically handicapped or retarded?
Answer : It is not permissible to have the abortion even in the said case.
Medical Issues
Question : Does Islam permit the practice of artificial insemination?
Answer : By itself, it is permissible between the married couple.
Medical Issues
Question : Is it permissible to have another female’s egg fertilized by my sperms and the fertilized egg placed into my wife’s uterus so that I can have children?
Answer : Apparently, there is no marital relationship between the female egg owner and you. So such an action is not permissible based on compulsory precaution.
Medical Issues
Question : In a contraceptive surgery, the fallopian tubes, which carry the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus, are either blocked or cut and sealed off so the eggs can’t reach the uterus and be fertilized by sperm. Instead, the eggs are reabsorbed by the body. So the surgery removes the tendency of a woman to conceive at all. Is this method of contraception really allowed in Islam?

Answer : Based on compulsory precaution, the said is not lawful if it is a permanent contraception.
Medical Issues
Question : Is it permissible to have cosmetic surgery?
Answer : Cosmetic surgery is not prohibited. It is prohibited to show adornment - except for kohl, ring and bracelet - in the presence of non-Mahram. The cosmetic surgery is not adornment.
Medical Issues
Question : Is controlling birth by vasectomy allowed according to Sayyid Al-Hakim?
Answer : Based on compulsory precaution, it is not permissible to damage any human organ and limit the ways of birth control to what do not lead to such damage.
Medical Issues
Question : Is abortion permissible at any time of pregnancy? Is there a time when the soul has not entered the fetus, and if there is then, how is aborting that is prohibited? What is the ruling in the case of rape?
Answer : Abortion is not permissible even if the soul has not entered the fetus and even if the pregnancy was by rape.
Birth Control.
Question : What is your ruling on birth control by using artificial methods like condoms and pills, and is it good to control child birth?
Answer : The mentioned ways are permissible, except if they lead to another prohibition like the excessive harm to the body.
Medical Issues
Question : Who is the killer? The parents who went to a clinic for abortion? Or the doctor who perfumed the abortion? Who is supposed to pay the diyyah?
Answer : It is prohibition to participate in this operation or help make it happen. Blood money - diyyah is to be paid by the person that performed the murder.
Question :

My wife suffers from epilepsy and has other illnesses, and was dependent on medication for treating them, as a result she had not suffered any epileptic fits. She is now pregnant, and the doctor advised that if she takes this medication it will harm the fetus. So she stopped taking the medication, and started to suffer from fits. In such a situation, where taking medication is harmful for the baby, and not taking the medication causes the mother to have fits, is it possible to abort the baby?

Answer :

It is not permissible to abort the embryo, unless not aborting it would cause a danger to the life of the mother. Furthermore, it is not permissible for the mother to take the medication which harms the embryo, unless the mothers fits causes the danger of death for her. If it is possible to tolerate the fits or to prevent it by other ways, then it is not permissible to use the medicine that cause harm to the embryo.

Plastic Surgery
Question :

I would like to know if having plastic surgery is forbidden in Islam?

Answer :

It is permissible to have plastic surgery. But if the doctor is of the opposite gender to the patient and the operation requires touching the skin or looking at body parts that should be covered, then it is not permissible unless this is the only choice and not performing the operation would cause hardship in bearing the current situation.

Medical Issues
Question : My husband and I are having fertility problems. There are many technologies available to help us have a child. Which technologies permitted in Islam-- egg donation? Is it Embryo Donation from one married couple to us or Sperm donation? If egg donation is permitted, does my husband need to have a temporary marriage with an egg donor?
Answer : Based on compulsory precaution, it is not permissible to donate an egg and fertilize it using a sperm from a man without a religious marriage contract between him and the owner of the egg.
It is not permissible also based on compulsory precaution to donate a fertilized egg. If this occurs, the embryo belongs to the man that donated the sperm and the woman that donated the egg.
Medical Issues
Question : What is the Islamic ruling on cosmetics surgery for the purpose of beautification? Is it permissible for a woman to undergo cosmetic dentistry for example in order to feel better about herself or make herself more attractive to her husband?
Answer : The said surgeries are permissible unless it harms a body organ. If it does, then it is prohibited based on compulsory precaution.
Medical Issues
Question : If a couple are married, if the male can’t produce sperm, is it ok to receive sperm donor with the consent of her husband?
Answer : It is not permissible based on compulsory precaution.
Medical Issues
Question : I want to know about egg donors. Can one lady take an egg to another lady to become pregnant if the lady is my sister, then this kind of treatment is legal or not in Islam?
Answer : Based on compulsory precaution, it should be avoided.
Medical Issues
Question : If there is no claim of marriage and a baby is born, and DNA establishes the identity of the father
(a) is DNA accepted as legal evidence?
(b) If so, what will be the father’s responsibilities towards this child?
(c) Will he inherit his father?
(d) Will he be able to carry the name of his father?
Answer : The DNA is not considered evidence in the said case unless it leads to certainty in such a way that the chance of being wrong is Zero.