Day Questions

If a married girl is not willing to continue her married life, if she runs away forever and does not return, will she be considered divorced or will she remain in wedlock to her husband?

Her running away is not sufficient as a divorce. She is still considered as married. We advise her to try to solve the conflicts with her husband with reason and wisdom, and avoid any actions that have negative consequences.

I know that when a person receives income then he has to pay one-fifth of it after expenses for the year. However, if I receive a weekly salary and I pay the khums from it every week, have I paid the obligatory khums for the year?

If one pays khums every week from his weekly salary, then he does not have to pay khums at end of the khums year. If he did not do so, as he is permitted to delay the payment of khums until the end of the khums year, then he can pay the khums from the remainder of his earnings after the payment of the yearly expenses.

Is it permissible to eat food containing gelatin?

If this substance is extracted from non-animal sources, then it is considered as tahir and permissible to consume. If it is extracted from an animal, then there are possibilities: If it is from a permissible to consume animal and it has been slaughtered in accordance to the Islamic faith, then the body of the animal is tahir, and the extracted gelatin is also tahir, so it is permissible to consume. If it is from a najis animal, like a pig, then the gelatin extracted from it is najis and prohibited to consume. If it is from a consumable animal which is not najis – such as a cow – but has not been slaughtered in accordance to the Islamic faith, or has been taken from a non-Muslim, then the body of the animal will be najis apart from the bones, hair and such parts of the body which do not have life. Gelatin extracted from such an animal will be prohibited, unless it is known that this gelatin has been extracted its bones and has not come in contact with the rest of the najis flesh of the body or any other najasah.