Day Questions

Is it permissible to give bread as kaffarah?

As a compulsory precaution, it is not sufficient to give bread as the kaffarah. It is permissible to give wheat and barley.

If we pray to God and ask very ambitiously and humbly for something, but our dua is not accepted, then for how long should we continue to beg? When should we think that this thing will not be given to us and we should leave praying?

We should always ask Almighty Allah and seek His blessings and hope for His answer, as this feeling is one of the reasons to grant the wishes. If we do not get the request answered, we stay in this condition as we are gaining the reward of the supplications, even if we did not obtain what we are asking for. If we do not get what we wanted, we accept what Almighty Allah's wills, since He indeed knows the best for us. With this submission to what He wants, we gain the great reward that Almighty Allah kept for whoever accepts His will as He is the Most Merciful.