Day Questions

If one is saving money to pay off the house they are living in by investing that money to increase the amount over several years to pay for their home faster, does that person pay khums on those savings?

On the khums year-end, khums does not apply on the amount that he paid for the debt. Khums is applicable on the amounts that he saved to pay the debt in coming years.

What are the ways to know if someone is a Sayyid? And what are the consequences in the Islamic sharia of being a Sayyid?

Sayyids are the descendants of Hashim bin Abd Munaf. Such linage is proven by any of three ways: (i) knowing it, (ii) by the witness of two adil people, or (iii) by it being widely-known that leads to being confident about it. The religious effects of being a Sayyid are the eligibility to collect the Sayyid’s share from the khums in the case of poverty, and the prohibition to collect the zakat from a non-Sayyid.

Are Druze and Alawites considered Muslims or not?

They do not usually declare their beliefs, but if they believe in Islam and in the two testimonies, then they are considered as Muslims. If they believe in the divinity of other than Allah, then they are non-Muslims.

What are the best deeds of the month of Muharram?

Participating in the mourning of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).