Day Questions

Studies show that listening to classical music for 30 minutes a day whilst breathing slowly decreases the blood pressure. I need to reduce my blood pressure, so can I start doing this? Will this be a sin?

It is not permissible to listen to the music because of the said reason, unless the high blood pressure was a danger to the health, and its treatment was only by listening to music.

What is the position of Ismailis in our religion? Are they considered as non-believers?

Whoever submits to the two testimonies – that there is no god but Allah and Mohammad (peace be upon him and his holy progeny) is His messenger – then he is a Muslim and not considered as a non-believer, even if he believes in false beliefs or certain misguidance.

Can we abort a baby if not doing so will lead to the death of the mother?

Yes, it is permissible if one is certain that it will lead to her death.

How can we know that one Mujtahid is most knowledgeable?

The scholars have mentioned in their treatises of practical Islamic laws the ways to determine the most knowledgeable, and one of those ways to is to refer to the people of expert (known as the ahl-ul-khibrah) who can differentiate between mujtahids and determine the most knowledgeable.