Day Questions

I live in a high-rise building. A drop of semen fell on the floor in my apartment. It is not possible to wash the floor with running water, because it is not a bathroom, but it is a bedroom. I washed the semen using a mop, and then I washed the mop under running water and then washed the place again, and I did this several times. Has my floor become tahir? Or is my mop becoming najis every time?

The taharah is not established by this; therefore, when you wipe the najis part of your floor with the mop, it becomes najis every time you do that, and the najasah is spread to surrounding areas. One should pour the water on the najis part of the floor, and then collect the water with a cloth or mop, and the place will become tahir.

Is it permissible for a woman to wear a necklace without the intention of arousing the opposite gender?

It is prohibited for a woman to expose her embellishment to non-Mahram men except for applying kohl, wearing a ring and a bracelet, whether she has the mentioned intention or not.

Is beating our chest in month of Muharram permissible?

Beating the chests in the ceremonies of Muharram is one of the examples of expressing the sadness and grief to what happened to the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) in the tragedy of Karbala.