Day Questions

Is it allowed to recite any dua in the Arabic language when one is performing an obligatory prayer?

Yes, it is permissible, and it is permissible to do so in any language.

I just began to pay khums this year, but I have been a Muslim for over 5 years. How do I calculate how much khums to pay if I do not know how much money I made in the past 5 years?

May Allah accept from you this sincere intention in upholding His teachings and obligations. Khums is a divinely-prescribed obligation. It is the fifth of the yearly income after deducting expenses. It can be calculated as a fifth of all the monies that is in one’s possession plus the fifth of the worth of the items that were unused during the year. This khums amount is divided into two equal amounts: The first one is the share of Sayyids. It should be spent on needy people from the clan of Hashim, the great-grandfather of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny). The second one is the share of the Imam (peace be upon him). It should be given to the religious Adil Marji who is able to spend it in accordance to what pleases the twelfth Imam (peace be upon him).

Is it forbidden to interrupt the prayer and invalidate it without cause?

It is not permissible to nullify the obligatory prayer intentionally based on an obligatory precaution. It is permissible to do so for any recommended reason by the sharia or desired for worldly purpose.

Is it permissible for a man to wear a necklace or ring made of white gold?

It is permissible for men to wear white gold jewelry, as long as he is not imitating women.