Press Release on the American Administration’s Decision to Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem

Press Release on the American Administration’s Decision to Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is to God, the Lord of the worlds; and may God send his blessings on our master Mohammed and his holy progeny.

We condemn the decision of the American administration to move the US Embassy to the occupied city of Jerusalem, as it is an affront to the Palestinian people and disregard for the feelings of Muslims.

We want to point out that this stance is a natural consequence of the distancing of the Muslims from the teachings of their true religion, their neglect of their shared matters and interests, their fighting amongst themselves, and the spread of the epidemic of extremism and terrorism which has targeted them, and destroyed their societies and their towns, and has distorted the name of their religion. God Almighty has said: “And obey God, and obey the Messenger, and do not into disputes, lest you lose heart and your power departs.”

Today, all are invited – especially those fostering and supporting terrorism – to seriously revise their previous stances, and to open a new page, to unify the positions of the Islamic nations and to build firm foundations in establishing good relations with other nations, which reflects the pliability of their religion and its genuine values.

We seek support and help from only Him, and He is the guardian of the believers

Day Questions

At the end of the khums year, I have some unspent savings as well as loans that I have to pay back. Can I deduct the loans from the saving and pay the khums on the remaining balance?

Yes, one should pay khums on the savings deducting the amount of the unpaid loan, if the borrowed money was spent to cover the expenses of the past year and not for that of previous years. However, if the loan was spent on expenses of previous years then it should not be deducted.

Can a qualified person, who has all qualifications of the imam of the congregational prayer, lead some people who are ready to pray behind him when others object to it?

Yes, it is permissible to lead the prayer in such a situation and it is permissible for others to pray behind him.

I have heard from Ahl Al-Sunnah that a Shia Marja stated the following: "Reconciliatory Taqiyyah. This type of Taqiyyah is done when a person intends to reconcile with the other side or when he intends to soften their hearts. This kind of Taqiyyah is permissible but not obligatory." They have related this belief to the verse: “When they [hypocrites] meet those who believe, they say: ‘We believe.’ But when they are alone with their evil ones, they say: ‘We are really with you, we (were) only jesting.’” (Quran, 2:14) I am having a hard time replying to this.

The connection made between reconciliatory Taqiyya – which is based on softening the hearts – and the mentioned verse is originated from intolerance against the Shias and ignorance of the reasons and justifications behind Taqiyyah. All Muslims are under the flag of Islam and softening their heart by the decrease of their differences is amongst the interests that has concerned the Shias and their Imams throughout history. The mentioned verse speaks of the hypocrites who do not believe in the Hereafter or in the foundations of the religion, and they claim to be Muslims in front of other Muslims. So how are those people considered to be attempting to unite the Muslims and decrease the level of differences between them? Those fanatics do not understand anything but intolerance and rejection of other sects and disregarding them, and do not care about the image of Islam or its high concerns. Today they are more harmful than the direct enemies of Islam as a result of their behaviors that originated from narrow-minded thinking and blind prejudice.

What is your ruling about synthetic alcohol used in creams, shampoos, etc.? Is it najis?

If the said alcohol causes intoxication then it is considered to be najis, regardless of whether it is synthetic or not.