Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Al-Hakeem receives a Sufi group from the UK

Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Al-Hakeem receives a Sufi group from the UK

Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammed Saeed Al-Hakeem received a Sufi group from the UK on Thursday, 2nd January 2020. He advised that the Muslims in all nations across the world to increase the dialogue, cooperation and affection amongst each other. He emphasized the importance of unity, through entrenching the commonalities and strengthening them.

His Eminence narrated to his guests the narration of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny): “Compassion has not been placed in something, but that it adorns it; and foolishness has not been placed in anything, but that it causes it disgrace.”

His Eminence called all Muslims to act upon the straight path shown by the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny), with beautiful ethics, taking the Prophet as an example in how he was able to establish his personality amongst the polytheists, with his beautiful etiquettes and ethics.

نظراً لعدم ثبوت رؤية هلال شهر شوال بحجة شرعية لدى سماحة المرجع الديني الكبير السيد الحكيم (مد ظله) سيكون عيد الفطر المبارك يوم الجمعة ان شاء الله تعالى

Day Questions

I opened a savings account in the bank in my name. This is a family savings account which everyone in my family will contribute to and put money in until it accumulates. Seeing as it is not only my money but belongs to the family, who is it that will have to pay the khums for this?

It is obligatory to pay the khums from your own money, not from the money of other people. If the money is mixed with the money of others, it does not affect this obligation, so it is better for each person to keep account of his share.

Can a man contracts temporary marriage with a woman whose faith and religion are not known to him? Is it necessary for him to inquire about her faith and religion?

It is permissible to marry a Muslim, a Christian or a Jewish woman temporarily. Marrying a woman who does not believe in one of these three religions is not permissible. It is necessary to make sure that she does believe in one of these religions before marrying her.

If I have £100 on which khums is due on, and I put aside £20 from it as khums to pay it at the end of the year, am I not allowed to spend the remaining £80 before the £20 is paid?

When it is possible to pay the khums to whoever deserves it or to the agent, one should hasten to do so. One can use the rest of the money whether he paid the khums or not.

If one is saving money to pay off the house they are living in by investing that money to increase the amount over several years to pay for their home faster, does that person pay khums on those savings?

On the khums year-end, khums does not apply on the amount that he paid for the debt. Khums is applicable on the amounts that he saved to pay the debt in coming years.