Day Questions

How do I know who the ahl-ul-khibrah (people of expertise) are so that I may ask them about the most knowledgeable mujtahid?

The ahl-ul-khibrah are those who can recognize the most knowledgeable by his writings, research and edicts. Those experts can be reached through communicating with the Howza. If such communication is not possible or determining the most knowledgeable is not possible, one is required to choose one of the scholars who have reached the level of ijtihad and fulfil the conditions of being a marja, and follow him. The chosen should be the most God-fearing amongst them if possible. Otherwise, the believer can choose one of them and follow his verdicts.

If scientists genetically modify a fish that has no scales originally to produce (give birth to) fish that have scales, will those fish with scales be permissible to eat?

It is prohibited to consume fish that does not have scales. It is permissible to consume fish that have scales, even if they have them through genetic modification.

Is every single type of gambling haram?

It is prohibited to play any game that was invented to gain money and has a winner and a loser.