Day Questions

Can a man contracts temporary marriage with a woman whose faith and religion are not known to him? Is it necessary for him to inquire about her faith and religion?

It is permissible to marry a Muslim, a Christian or a Jewish woman temporarily. Marrying a woman who does not believe in one of these three religions is not permissible. It is necessary to make sure that she does believe in one of these religions before marrying her.

What is the justification of the school of Ahl-ul-Bait (peace be upon them) for wiping the feet, rather than wiping over the socks or shoes, or washing them?

The wudhu is valid if the feet are wiped directly on the skin. It is not sufficient to wipe on the socks and shoes, nor is it sufficient to wash the feet, as per the verse of wudhu when Almighty Allah said: "When you rise up for prayer, wash you faces, and your hands to the elbows, and wipe your heads and your feet to the ankles." (Quran, 6:5).