Day Questions

You mentioned that music that involves ‘tarab’ is not permissible. What do you mean by the term ‘tarab’?

‘Tarab’ means the psychological interaction with the music or singing, whether it leads to joy, sadness, pride or any other emotion.

A man gave khums from 40,000 Rubles net income one year. During the following year, he spent the remaining amount on his expenses. At the end of that year, he had a net income of 150,000 Rubles. Will khums be liable on the 150,000 Rubles or is 40,000 Rubles exempted from it?

There is no khums on the money from which khums was already paid, i.e. the 32,000 Rubles (which is 40,000 minus 8,000 khums). So khums will be paid from 118,000 (which is 150,000 minus 32,000).

Can we offer the daily nawafil (supererogatory) prayers in congregation?

Offering the daily supererogatory prayers in congregation is not legislated in the Sharia.