Day Questions

Is it permissible to kiss the hand of a scholar out of respect? Some narrations seem to discourage such action.

It is permissible to kiss the hands of a religious scholar out of respect because of his knowledge and piety. There is a narration that indicates clearly the permissibility to kiss the hand of a person and intending by doing so to kiss the hand of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his holy progeny). Apparently, this applies to the scholar who is knowledgeable in the Sharia.

I have not fasted during the month of Ramadan for many years deliberately. Is there a way I can repent for this and be forgiven?

Fasting is among the obligatory pillars that Islam was built upon. Not performing it is amongst the big sins for which Almighty Allah has threatened to punish with hellfire. However, Almighty Allah has also opened the doors of mercy for his slaves when he said: "Say: O My slaves who have wronged their own selves! Despair not of the mercy of Allah, Who forgives all sins. Lo! He is the Forgiving, the Merciful." (53:39). We ask Almighty Allah to forgive all believers and bless us all. However, alongside this, it is obligatory to make up for all the fasts missed, as well as undertaking the Kaffara and paying the Fidya, as explained in detailed in the treatise of Islamic laws.

If a woman obtains a Khula divorce from the court, without the pronouncing of the formula of divorce, is such a divorce valid?

The said is not sufficient in the establishing of any divorce, including a khula divorce; the religiously-prescribed formula (sighah) is necessary, in addition to the fulfillment of other conditions of such a divorce which are mentioned in the books of Islamic laws.

Is Opera halal to listen to?

Since it involves songs and music which usually causes ‘tarab’ then it is prohibited to listen to it. ‘Tarab’ means the psychological interaction with the music or singing, whether it leads to joy, sadness, pride or any other emotion.