Day Questions

Is it prohibited for me to eat chicken soup made from chicken that has not been not slaughtered in accordance with the Sharia?

Yes, it is prohibited, since it consists of unlawful chicken or parts of it, or it has at the very least come into contact with it making the soup najis.

Can someone do Tayammum rather than Ghusl in the following situations?1. If somebody has done Ghusl many times and has been affected by too many doubts and taking too much time and using a lot of water, because surety comes very hard for him, and when he finishes his body is under pain.2. If he is in a hurry for a job or something important that he thinks he will be late for if he does Ghusl?

It is not permissible to do Tayammum instead of Ghusl in the said cases as long as water is available. Our advice to you is to economize in spending water, avoid extravagance and perform Ghusl in a balanced way and without paying attention to doubts; having said that, using excessive amount of water in Ghusl does not invalidate it.

I did not fast during this month of Ramadan due to illness. Does this mean that I do not have to pay Zakat ul-Fitra?

A duty-bound individual who is not needy as per the Sharia is obligated to pay the Fitra for himself and all his dependents, even if he did not fast that month.