His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah al-Hakeem, receives the Lebanese Ambassador to Iraq

His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah al-Hakeem, receives the Lebanese Ambassador to Iraq

His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammed Saeed al-Hakeem received Mr. Ali Adib al-Habhab, the Ambassador of Lebanon in Baghdad, along with his aides, on Sunday 5 May 2019.

Day Questions

Is there any religious prohibition in wearing black shoes?

It is not prohibited to wear black shoes.

If I want to have a temporary marriage with a Shia girl who does taqleed of a scholar that says she does not need the permission of her father for marriage, can we thus have a temporary marriage contract and be allowed to consummate the marriage without his permission?

If the consent of the guardian is a condition in the marriage based on the taqleed of the man, then it must be considered as a condition, even if the girl follows a marja who does not stipulate it.

As I understand, it is prohibited to hurt oneself. However, masturbation has a lot of benefits, as it removes depression, removes the sexual tension that can cause stress, lowers the risk of children being born with any handicap. Therefore, it seems that not masturbating is harming oneself, and it is recommended by doctors, so why is it prohibited in Islam?

The following points can be considered to answer your questions: Firstly: The divine Legislator has issued rulings related to organizing sexual relations that leads to having sex without suppression and without the need to masturbate. Islam emphasizes early marriage and permits temporary marriage. However, society created impediments and obstructions for the proper implementation of these rules and guidance. So, in reality, society is to blame and the deficiency is not in Islamic law. Secondly: The medical research presents ideas that are subject to change, based on the development of such research. They do not present a definite, absolute reality. As such research is subject to change and development in the future, they cannot be relied upon. Such scientific research are also unable to detect the totality of the effects of masturbation, including the spiritual effect. Thirdly: If somebody enjoys habitual masturbation and is satisfied with it, this could lead to social decay. If women satisfy themselves and men satisfy themselves, this will be detrimental to the formation of good family units, and this harm is greater than any benefit that the medical research can try to prove, especially after the existence of other alternatives mentioned in the first point, like early marriage or temporary marriage.