The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

Day Questions

What is the ruling on one not being able to fast during Ramadan due to extremely long intensive working hours?

If work leads to fatigue that prevents the individual from fasting, one should not work temporarily, work at night or find similar ways that one can maintain the ability to fast. A believer is urged to look for such alternative ways. Almighty Allah said: “And whosoever keeps his duty to Allah, Allah will appoint a way out for him, And will provide for him from (a quarter) whence he hath no expectation”. (65:2-3). If one cannot obtain alternative ways, it is better to travel the Sharia-prescribed distance to be regarded as a traveler, so he can break his fast and make it up later when fasting is easier.

Is it permissible to summon Jinns?

It is not permissible to summon Jinns if it is done by means of magic, or if it leads to harming believers.

I live in two cities; the distance between is more than 4 Farsakhs – approximately 23 kilometers. I live for two days in one of them and five days in the other every week. Am I considered as a traveler?

If the two cities are both your permanent hometowns, then you should fast in both of them. If your hometown was one of them and your connection to the other city is temporary, for a month or two for instance, then you should fast in your hometown and not fast in the other.