The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

Day Questions

Can we celebrate Christmas and New Year? What about giving gifts to your Christian colleagues/workers/teachers on the occasion of Christmas, and wishing ‘Happy New Year’ to Muslims and Christians?

Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him and his progeny) is the final prophet, and his message is the last divine message. Practices of other religions are not recognized by the Islamic Sharia. However, Islam emphasizes on cohabitation with followers of other religions. It is permissible to do what makes such co-existence without considering such acts a part of the Sharia, as long as it does not involve any forbidden act.

Yesterday, I got up just as the Adhan for Fajr prayer was ending. I drank a glass of milk and made the intention to fast. Was my fast valid?

Your fasting is void and you should make up that day. If you knew that the time of fasting had began and still broke the fast then you should pay Kaffara as well.

What does the Islamic Sharia say about the beard and about its length?

When trimming the beard, it is obligatory to leave hair with such length that the person is regarded as having beard.

I am breastfeeding in Ramadan. Is it obligatory on me to fast while breastfeeding?

If fasting harms the woman who is breastfeeding by greatly decreasing her milk, or stopping its flow, then it is permissible for her not to fast. She should make up the missed fasts before the next Ramadan. Furthermore, a sum of 900 grams of food like wheat, oat and rice must be paid to the needy believers for each missed day.