The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

Day Questions

What does the Islamic Sharia say about the beard and about its length?

When trimming the beard, it is obligatory to leave hair with such length that the person is regarded as having beard.

I know that one who does not perform istibrā after urinating must consider any liquid that comes out afterwards as urine. However, if one does not do istibrā, but afterwards feels some wetness, but doubts whether it was discharged from his penis or whether it has an external source, such as the water used for washing, should he consider it as urine?

If a person has not performed the process of istibrā, and there is doubt whether the discharged liquid is urine or not, the ruling is to consider it as najis. If one does not know whether the wetness is from any discharge or from an external source, then he does not consider it as urine.

Why did Almighty Allah appoint Imams?

Almighty Allah appointed the Imams to guard the religion and protect it from misguidance and to continue the message of Islam that started with the prophethood of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) for mankind. People did not obey Allah’s orders in this matter due to their desire to possess authority and to be in control. This led to tragedies amongst Muslims for centuries until they separated into different sects and were controlled by the infidels. Almighty Allah said: “And if the people of the townships had believed and kept from evil, surely we should have opened for them blessings from the sky and from the earth. But (unto every messenger) they gave the lie, and so we seized them on account of what they used to earn.” (7:96)