The Press Release on the Attack in Nigeria

The Press Release on the Attack in Nigeria

We strongly condemn the savage attack that resulted in the horrible massacre against the Muslim followers of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) in Nigeria.

The circumstances and the intensity of the tragedy suggest the suspicious meditated intention of parties who do not care about the stability of the country or about the harmony between the sects of the nation.

We hold the Government of Nigeria fully responsible in investigating the circumstances of the tragedy, bringing the criminals to justice, freeing the innocents, and preventing this from taking place again.

We call the concerned international communities to uphold their responsibility in condemning this crime and pressuring those who caused it.

We ask Almighty Allah to grant the wounded fast recovery, to have His mercy on the souls of the victims and to give patience to their relatives. He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

Day Questions

I am permanently married to a man at the moment with my fathers permission, but before we got married permanently, whilst I was living with my parents and still a virgin, we entered into a temporary marriage contract without the permission of my father. This was done in order to talk and get to know each other without committing sin and no sexual intercourse took place. Did we commit a sin?

You did not commit a sin. However, one should pay attention to the fact that the permanent marriage should take place after the end of temporary marriage. When the couple decides to marry permanently and there is still some time left from their temporary marriage, the husband should forgo the remaining time, in order for the permanent marriage to be with a non-Mahram.

Can we eat food made by a Hindu if he does not use any prohibited things in it, although he uses his hands to make it?

If the food preparation involves transferring of wetness between the person's hand/body and the food, then the food becomes najis and prohibited to consume, based on an obligatory precaution.

If I doubt whether I washed the face in wudhu or not while washing my arms, do I have to restart the wudhu?

If this was an excessive doubt, arising out of waswasa, then one should ignore it. If this was a regular doubt, one should go back to wash the face and continue from there.

Which prayers out of the obligatory prayers, do I pray in a whispering voice and which do I pray in a loud voice?

It is obligatory to recite Surah Al-Fatiha and the chapter after it in the two rak'as of the Fajr, Maghrib and Isha Prayers loudly. It is also obligatory to recite Al-Fatiha and the chapter after it of the first two rak'as of the Dhuhr and Asr prayers in a low whispering voice, while reciting the Bismillah loudly. The recitation in the third and fourth rak'as of all the prayers must be in a low whispering voice. The said laws are to be observed by men. For women, reciting loudly is not obligatory.