Al-Sayyid al-Hakeem Passes Away

Al-Sayyid al-Hakeem Passes Away

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Indeed, we belong to Allah, and to Him do we indeed return.

His Eminence, Grand Ayatullah al-Sayyid Muhammad Sa’eed al-Tabataba’i al-Hakeem, has passed away to and returned to his Lord, the Most High. We pay our condolences to the nation of Islam, especially to the followers of the Ahlulbait (Peace be upon them) and the Islamic seminaries (Hawzas).

 We pray to Allah Almighty to bestow upon him His extensive and abundant mercy and blessings, and to raise him with the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Ahlulbait (peace be upon him).

There is no power or strength, except that of Allah, the Most High, the Most Mighty.


The Office of His Eminence al-Sayyid al-Hakeem, 25 Muharram 1443 (3 September, 2021)

Day Questions

Is controlling birth by vasectomy allowed according to Sayyid Al-Hakim?

Based on compulsory precaution, it is not permissible to damage any human organ and limit the ways of birth control to what do not lead to such damage.

What was the mission of the uprising of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him)? Would the success of the uprising through the Imam (peace be upon him) revive the State created by his grandfather Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)?

He stated the aim of his mission clearly when he said: “The purpose of my stand is the reformation of my grandfather's nation. I intend to enjoin goodness and forbid the wrong and to walk in the path of my grandfather and my father Ali bin Abi Talib".

You have mentioned that the music for amusement is not permissible. Are you implying that God does not allow the believer to be happy?

Almighty Allah does not want the individual to get entertained in this particular way of entertainment. However, there are other kinds of permitted desired things than can be enjoyed by a believer.