Classical Music and Dance
Question : In some countries, music is part of their culture and arts which includes dancing. As such, is dancing permissible?
Answer : It is not permissible for the woman to dance in the presence of men. It is permissible for her to do so in the presence of women if it is not associated with music, and based on obligatory precaution it is not permissible for her to dance if such dancing is based on musical rhythms.
Question : I just wanted to know if dancing is haram. I know that its haram to dance in weddings and in front of others and you have to be married to dance and that is only in front of your husband, but what if you are not married, is it completely that you are not allowed to dance at all?
Answer : Dancing is not prohibited by itself. If it was associated with a prohibition like sexual excitement to other than the husband then it is prohibited. If it is based on musical rhythm then it is unlawful based on compulsory precaution.
Question :

Can one watch a person dance on the streets? Can one watch a woman dance? Is the religious ruling different if this was watched on television?

Answer :

Dancing is not prohibited by itself, and it is permissible for the wife to dance in the presence of her husband and vice versa. Watching a man dance is permissible provided that it is not associated with singing and music; otherwise, it is then prohibited since it is encouraging prohibition and mischief.
Watching a woman dance is not permissible if it is accompanied with lust and desire, whether one watches it directly or on television.

Question : Is it allowed for a woman to dance with music in front of her husband?
Answer : It is permissible without music.