wearing imamah
Question : I am Vietnamese revert to Shia school. I was studying in a Sunni school and have a great level. Can I wear the amamah (turban) and spread the Shia teachings in Vietnam?
Answer : May Allah guide you to doing good deeds and make you one of the preachers of the true religion and amongst those who act in this way, as this is one of the greatest deeds that makes one closer to Almighty Allah.
Wearing the amamah for the Shias is done after one studies the religious knowledge in the Shia seminaries such as that in Qom and Najaf.
Writing a Novel or Story
Question : Is it permissible to write a story or novel of fictional characters and tales, that indirectly includes general Islamic ideology, for the purpose of generating income?
Answer : It is permissible to do so. However, it is prohibited to propagate incorrect ideologies in ones writings.
Religious Propagation
Question : Is it allowed for a Muslim woman to take part in a show that will provide news dealing with political and social issues as well as the growing islamophobia in a satirical way?
Answer : The woman is permitted to participate in social and political activities – while observing the hijab and other related religious obligations – such as if her participation contributes to fighting oppression or helping oppressed people. There is no doubt that it is recommended to defend Islam and clarify its real image against the powers who try to discredit and twist it.
Religious Propagation
Question : Does your office help in with Tabligh activities?
Answer : The office has several religious propagation activities in a number of Muslim countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran , Europe and other countries as per the available possibilities and capabilities. We ask the Almighty to guide us and all the active workers in the religious fields and to accept from us all these little contributions and forgive us for our shortcomings; He is indeed the Most Merciful.
Question : Is there any issue in sharing books like al-Kafi which contain secrets of the Ahlul-Bayt online for the sake of propagating of the Shia and their religious education, even though it will at the same time become available to Nasibis (although it is already accessible anyway)?
Answer : It is permissible and it is not considered as revealing their secrets as the books are widely published.
Religious Propagation
Question : Is it allowed to present the culture of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) in societies with mixed sectarian backgrounds?
Answer : It is permissible to call with wisdom and fair exhortation, without getting into conflicts and encouraging hatred.
Religious Propagation
Question : Our organization wants to ask about authentic books that shia speakers can quote reference in Muharam etc. Majalis?
Answer : It is permissible to present the incidents of the tragedy of Kerbela without guaranteeing that it is authentically took place but rather it is based on the fact that they were written in designated books for this particular topic.
It is better that the speaker to observe various aspects especially the level of the understanding of the audience, the religious fundamentals and historical truths.
Religious Propagation
Question : What do you think about tableegh work - religious propagation, should it not be done by all people?
Answer : Teaching religious knowledge to the family is obligatory on every Muslim. It is also obligatory to teach devotees that it is expected to teach them. Also, it is obligatory to propagate the religion when religious knowledge is in danger.
Religious Propagation
Question : I am a science teacher. Is it my duty to talk about the teachings of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) to the students who blindly follow the concepts of other sects?
Answer : It is not mandatory but it is good to present the guidelines of the Ahlulbait and their mandatory right on every Muslim in a calm and rational way.