The Seventh Annual Summer Camp

The Seventh Annual Summer Camp
The religious propagation department in the office of his iminence is conducting its seventh Summer Camp for the Muslim youths of non-Muslim countries, in order to spread religious awareness amongst them. The participants will be taught various subjects, such as the Islamic beliefs, laws, history, the Quran, etc., in the Arabic language. For further information, please visit the following link:

Day Questions

I want some guidance regarding keeping dogs. Can we keep dogs in the house, considering that they serve as guides to the blind; they safeguard homes and are a good friend?

You can keep them in the house but they are Najis. You should purify whatever part of your body or clothes came in contact with a dog via dampness before offering the prayer.

If I have an intention between midnight and dawn to make a long journey in the month of Ramadhan, should I begin fasting after dawn?

If the person intended before dawn to travel that day, and he travelled before zawal time (the time halfway between sunrise and sunset), it is permissible to break the fast during such a travel. If he did not break his fast during such a travel and came back before Zawal, he must renew the intention and continue the fast. If he did not intend at night to travel but intended after dawn to travel, he is not permitted to break his fast and his fast in valid.

Is the marriage of a non-Sayyid boy with girl from a Sayyid family permissible?

The honor of a girl from a Sayyid family is because of her linage to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) and his honor is because of his obedience to the Lord. Almighty Allah said: "The noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the most pious amongst you." (Holy Quran 49:13) The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny) said: "A believing man is a match for a believing woman". He also said: "If you are satisfied with the religion and ethics of the man that is seeking marriage from your family, then by all means accept him. If you do not, a big disorder and sedition will occur.” Therefore, such a marriage is permissible subject to other conditions such as the consent of the girl’s father if she is a virgin.

What is the Iddah for the temporary marriage?

If the temporary marriage ended during her menstruation period, she must wait for two complete cycles and her Iddah is finished when she sees blood for the third time. If the temporary marriage ends when she is not in her menses period, she should wait for one complete cycle and her Iddah is finished when she sees blood for the second time.