The Seventh Annual Summer Camp

The Seventh Annual Summer Camp
The religious propagation department in the office of his iminence is conducting its seventh Summer Camp for the Muslim youths of non-Muslim countries, in order to spread religious awareness amongst them. The participants will be taught various subjects, such as the Islamic beliefs, laws, history, the Quran, etc., in the Arabic language. For further information, please visit the following link:

Day Questions

If the caravan from Arafat passes by Muzdalifa at 8:00 pm on the 9th of Thul-Hijjah, can the caravan leave Muzdalifa and come back to it before the intention of Wuquf or must they stay in Muzdalifa?

It is obligatory to stay in Muzdalifa until after the time of Fajr. Based on compulsory precaution, the pilgrim should stay there from the middle of the night until the spread of the light after Fajr that allows pilgrims to see their way, but it is better to stay until after sunrise.

What is the waiting period of temporary marriage? Is it counted from the last time sexual intercourse took place? What if the woman never had sexual intercourse during the temporary marriage, must the waiting period still be observed?

The waiting period is obligatory after the end of the stipulated duration of the temporary marriage if the marriage was consummated. The waiting period is not required if the marriage was not consummated (i.e. sexual intercourse did not take place). If the temporary marriage ended during the woman’s menstruation period, then the waiting period is completed when her third menstrual period begins. If the temporary marriage ends when she is not in her menstrual period, she should wait for one complete cycle and her waiting period is finished when her second menstrual period begins.

Is it prohibited to practice any kind of martial arts?

If it does not propagate false beliefs, then it is permissible to do so.