Friday Prayers
Question : What is the opinion of his eminence with respect to the Friday prayer in North America and South America?
Answer : If one decides to offer the Friday prayer in these two continents, as an obligatory precaution he should also offer the Dhuhr prayer.
Friday Prayers
Question : Is it necessary to perform the Friday prayer in a mosque? And is there any difference in which mosque?
Answer : No, it is not necessary that the Friday prayer be offered in a mosque.
Friday Prayer
Question : Is it forbidden to work on Friday after hearing the Adhan at noon?
Answer : Work is not prohibited after the Adhan on Fridays, since one has the choice at that time between offering Friday prayer or Dhuhr prayer, and the obligation is in between these two choices.

Friday Prayers
Question : If a person was not present during the sermon of the Friday prayer, can his prayer be valid?
Answer : If he was not present during the sermon, his Friday prayer is valid.

Friday Prayers
Question : What should be the minimum distance between two mosques where Friday Prayers is being performed? Is this distance for Friday prayers according to the routes or by the actual distance between the two points?
Answer : The minimum distance between two mosques where Friday prayers are offered is one farsakh which is about six kilometers, and it is measured by the routes available between the two mosques if they are usual. If the route between them is longer than mentioned distance in an unusual way – for instance, if a natural barrier like a river is between the two mosques and an unusual detour is required to reach the other mosque – then this is not a sufficient distance.
Friday Prayers
Question : Mosque A is in an urban area and comprises of more space and activities. Mosque B is in a rural area and is smaller. The distance between them is 5.1km, so which place has priority in establishing Friday prayers?
Answer : If there is less than the religiously assigned distance between the two Friday prayers, one of them is invalid. The amount of space of the place and its accessibility are not factors to make the prayer in it valid and not in the other place.
Friday Prayers
Question : We have a problem gathering at the time of Friday Prayer. Is it possible to delay the sermons for half an hour so that the maximum number of people attend?
Answer : It is not allowed to delay it after the beginning of the prayer time, based on compulsory precaution.
Friday Prayers
Question : Can you please explain why some people perform the Dhuhr prayer as a precautionary measure after performing the Friday prayer?
Answer : The verdicts of the religious jurists differ in considering the Friday prayer to replace the Dhuhr prayer on Fridays in the current time, i.e. the time of the occultation of Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him). So the mentioned precaution is to make sure that the individual fulfills the obligation in accordance to the verdicts of all jurists.
His Eminence’s verdict is that the Friday prayer suffices, without the need to also perform the Dhuhr prayer.
Friday Prayers
Question : Is the Friday Prayer obligatory or recommended, and what is the ruling on performing the Dhuhr prayer after the Friday prayer?
Answer : It is permissible to perform the Dhuhr prayer on Fridays, and it is also permissible to perform the Friday prayer provided that the conditions of the Friday prayer are fulfilled. Performing both the Friday prayer and the Dhuhr prayer is also permissible as a precautionary measure.
Friday Prayers
Question : Is it allowed to read poems about the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) after Friday sermon?
Answer : Based on compulsory precaution, the Friday prayer should be offered immediately after the two sermons. So it is not permissible to separate between the sermons and the prayer by the mentioned, based on compulsory precaution.