The Press Release on the Attack in Nigeria

The Press Release on the Attack in Nigeria
We strongly condemn the savage attack that resulted in the horrible massacre against the Muslim followers of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) in Nigeria. The circumstances and the intensity of the tragedy suggest the suspicious meditated intention of parties who do not care about the stability of the country or about the harmony between the sects of the nation. We hold the Government of Nigeria fully responsible in investigating the circumstances of the tragedy, bringing the criminals to justice, freeing the innocents, and preventing this from taking place again. We call the concerned international communities to uphold their responsibility in condemning this crime and pressuring those who caused it. We ask Almighty Allah to grant the wounded fast recovery, to have His mercy on the souls of the victims and to give patience to their relatives. He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

Day Questions

Who is the killer? The parents who went to a clinic for abortion? Or the doctor who perfumed the abortion? Who is supposed to pay the diyyah?

It is prohibition to participate in this operation or help make it happen. Blood money - diyyah is to be paid by the person that performed the murder.

I have read "If the consent of the guardian is not required based on his religion, it is permissible to marry his virgin daughter even without his permission". So, for example, if her father has no religion such as an atheist or an agnostic do I need his consent? And if her father is a Christian, does it suffice if I ask her if the fathers permission is necessary for the marriage to be considered valid in her religion, or must I research the matter myself by asking scholars of the sect?

If the father is an atheist or agnostic then his permission is not required. It is not sufficient to depend on the girls information about the permission of the father not being necessary for the marriage to be valid based on his religion. One should investigate to reach certainty, or establish this to be the case through Sharia-based evidence.

If one breaks his fast in the month of Ramadhan by masturbation, is he expected to make the fast up, pay the Kaffara and fast 60 days?

One should make up the fast of the day that he missed, and pay the Kaffara of feeding sixty needy people and fast two consecutive months and free a slave. Since the last one is not possible, the Kaffara consists of the first two.