Imam Hussein's Birthday

Imam Hussein's Birthday

"Allah's wish is but to remove uncleanness far from you, O People of the Household, and purify you with a thorough purification." 33:33.

We congratulate the Islamic nation on the birthday anniversaries of the master of youths in heaven Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him), his brother Abbas bin Ali, his son Ali Akber and Imam Ali Zaynul Aabideen (Peace be upon them) as we are asking the Almighty Creator to repeat these marvelous memories and the Muslim nation fulfilled with bride and blessings. He is the all Hearing, all responsive.

We learn from the memories of these personalities lessons in morality and perfections so their lifestyles become a source of light to guide us in our way in the complication of life. When comparing the biography of Imam Hussein and the biography of his son Imam Zaynul Aabideen (peace be upon them), we notice the following points:

1. The efficiency of faith and the strength of the connection with Almighty Allah that shows in the revolution of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and his generous sacrifice of his soul, his family and his companions also the patience of Imam Zaynul Aabideen (peace be upon him) along with his tolerance during the heroic circumstances of his captivity when he was accompanied by the orphans and widows of his family that were transferred from a city to another.

2. The emergence of the worship side in the biography of those two Imams (peace be upon them). Among the examples is the devotion of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and his reported supplications especially his supplication in the day of Aarafa, the ninth of thil-hijja. It was also reported that he asked Omar bin Saad for some time during the night of the tenth of Muharram when he said: "We want to pray to our Lord tonight and ask for His forgiveness. He knows that I like to pray to Him, recite His book, pray to Him a lot and seek His forgiveness".

Also the biography of Imam Zaynul Aabideen (peace be upon him) that is full of worship during the day and during the night. His biography is also full of supplications that were gathered in the Sahifa Sejjadiah.

3. The difference in the course of actions of Imams as they are the religious leaders does not contradict with the unity of their aim. The revolution of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and his major sacrifice lead to the same aim that forced Imam Zaynul Aabideen (peace be upon him) to avoid the confrontation with the authority and to start teaching the group of his pious companions which then opened the door widely for Imam Mohamed al baqir (peace be upon him) to establish a huge school in that represent the path of the ahlulbait (peace be upon them) that was perfected during the time of Imam Jaffer al Sadiq (peace be upon him).

4. Among the traditions of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him): "Whoever compare the religious rulings with others without a proper evidence will stay confused, inclined away from the right path, following the misguidance and say the wrong words..".

From his supplication in Aarafa: "May the eye of whoever does not see you watching him get blind and may the bargain of whoever does not love you get lost".

5. From the will of Imam Zaynul Aabideen (peace be upon him): "The right of the tongue is that you consider it too noble for obscenity, accustom it to righteousness, force it to be polite, use it less except when needed in the benefit of life and religion refrain from any excessive talks in which there is nothing much to be gained and can be associated with harm ...".

And among his reported supplication: "Prayers be upon Mohammad and his Household, fortify the frontiers of the Muslims through your might, support their defenders through your strength, lavish upon them gifts with your wealth, increase their number, hone their weapons, guard their territory, defend their midst, unite their throng, arrange their affair, help them with patience and support them with victory..".

Finally, we ask Almighty Allah to guide us to follow the path of the Ahlulbyte

(peace be upon them) He is indeed all Hearing, all responsive.





The office of His eminence the Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohamed Saeed Alhakeem.




The last of our prayers is praise to Allah the master of universe.

Day Questions

Are the Imams of Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) superior than the prophets (peace be upon them) of Allah?

There are several narrations which indicate that the prophets (peace be upon them) were interceding to Almighty Allah by the five Infallible (The Prophet, Imams Ali, Hassan, Hussain and Fatima the daughter of the Prophet). Other texts indicate that their Nour preceded the creation of everything else in glorifying the Almighty Allah. This is an indication of their superiority over the rest of the creation.

If I have done a temporary marriage contract with a man who is in different country, if we were to end the contract, how do we go on about that?

He can forgo the remaining time of the contract, and he can also assign the wife as his agent in forgoing the rest of the duration of the marriage.

If my mattress has become najis by urine, can it be purified by rainwater?

The mattress and its interior become tāhir when it is soaked with rainwater while it is raining. Removing the water from it through pressing or squeezing is not required for it to become tāhir, nor is it necessary to repeat the process.