The Visit of the EU delegation

The Visit of the EU delegation

His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammed Saeed al-Hakeem met with a delegation from the European Union, led by Jan Figel, the EU Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion and Belief outside the EU, on Tuesday 9th Jamadi-ul-Ula 1438.

Mr Figel reviewed with His Eminence what the EU has presented as humanitarian aid for the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation, while appreciating the role of the Marjeiyya in the safety and protection of people and their property.

His Eminence called the international community for a forceful intervention to fight terrorism who wish to eradicate and destroy all those who do not share their views, and His Eminence made clear that the Marjeiyya cares greatly in protecting the lives of innocent civilians, women, children and their properties.

The delegation was accompanied by the EU ambassador in Baghdad, Patrick Simonnet, who also expressed his gratitude to the religious Marjeiyya that provided the opportunity for this fruitful meeting.

Day Questions

How do I make myself tahir if I touch real leather of an animal that has not been slaughtered in accordance to Islamic religion? I would normally remove the najasah, then pour water over it a certain number of times, but in this case is there anything to remove?

If your hand comes in contact with the impure leather with dampness then it becomes najis even without the actual najasah being transferred to the hand. The hand can be made tahir then by washing it once with water. If the contact took place without dampness, then this does not make the hand najis.

His Eminence has stated that music which causes rapture or enjoyment is prohibited. However what about sad music that doesn't bring about enjoyment, but instead sheds tears?

What we mean by rapture is the effect of the music on the soul and its reaction to it whether it result in happiness, enjoyment or sorrow.

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