The Participation of His Eminence in the Walk of Arbaeen 1436

The Participation of His Eminence in the Walk of Arbaeen 1436

His eminence, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammed Saeed Al-Hakeem (May Allah prolong his life) participated in the walk to the holy city of Karbala amongst the millions of visitors on the occasion of Arbaeen, 1436.

On the way, he visited some of the Shia-Muslim and Christian families displaced from northern Iraq, who were residing at the many Mawkibs (rest stops for the visitors of Karbala) along the way. The refugees extended their gratitude for the visit and the help provided by the Marjeiyya.

Day Questions

Our organization wants to ask about authentic books that shia speakers can quote reference in Muharam etc. Majalis?

It is permissible to present the incidents of the tragedy of Kerbela without guaranteeing that it is authentically took place but rather it is based on the fact that they were written in designated books for this particular topic. It is better that the speaker to observe various aspects especially the level of the understanding of the audience, the religious fundamentals and historical truths.

What is the ruling in taking poetry as a profession?

It is permissible, but one should refrain from writing poetry that includes falsehood or urges misguidance and similar sinful things.

Someone joins the congregational prayer while the imam is in the bowing position, but he later changes his intention not to follow the imam. He subsequently decides to follow him again during the same prayer. Can he do so?

If he intended to break the congregational prayer and pray alone, and then he or the imam had performed an act of prayer, then he has left the congregational prayer and must complete his prayer alone. Rather, the same is the case if neither of them performed any act, as an obligatory precaution.