The Participation of His Eminence in the Walk of Arbaeen

The Participation of His Eminence in the Walk of Arbaeen
His eminence, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammed Saeed Al-Hakeem (May Allah prolong his life) participated in the walk to the holy city of Karbala amongst the millions of visitors on the occasion of Arbaeen, 1436. On the way, he visited some of the Shia-Muslim and Christian families displaced from northern Iraq, who were residing at the many Mawkibs (rest stops for the visitors of Karbala) along the way. The refugees extended their gratitude for the visit and the help provided by the Marjeiyya.

Day Questions

What is our belief regarding Adam and whether he committed a sin or not by going near the tree?

There is no doubt that the prophets are infallible and do not commit sins that will be subject to godly wrath and punishment. So what the holy Quran stated about the eating of Adam from the tree is that the divine order to refrain from such an act is not an order that requires obedience because of the relation of servitude between Almighty Allah and His slaves, but as an advisory suggestion that eating from the tree will cause the harm of being departed from Heaven.

Is it permissible to offer Dhuhr and Asr in different times, as well as Maghrib and Isha prayers?

One can offer the Dhuhr and Asr separately within their designated set time. Maghrib and Isha can be offered likewise within their designated times.