The Meeting of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General with His Eminence

The Meeting of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General with His Eminence

The grand authority, his eminence Sayyid Al-Hakeem (may Allah prolong his life) met on the 4th of Moharram, 1435 with the special representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq, Mr. Nickolay Mladenov in the Office of his eminence in the Holy city of Najaf.

His eminence stressed on the necessity to expose and condemn the bloody systematic campaign against the followers of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) worldwide, and specifically in Iraq in an unprecedented way. It is supported by some regional countries and other countries; where the terrorists are provided with various killing means, political cover and incitement verdicts using public media.

His eminence called the United Nations to act upon its duties and respond to these massive violations as clear examples of genocides and crimes against humanity.

Mr. Nickolay Mladenov promised to convey all of this to the United Nations Secretary General and present it to the Security Council.

Day Questions

Is there any truth in what has been reported of the lofty position of the Day of Nawrūz and the great reward that could be reaped for engaging in acts of worship on that day? Is it permissible to engage in these acts of worship as really desired in Islam?

Some narrations are reported that state some recommended acts on this day but their chains of narrators are weak, so one cannot depend on them to derive the said recommendations. At the same time, it is difficult to determine the day from the narration, so it could correspond to the day of Nawruz known in our times or not.

I have some confusion in mind about Shirk (polytheism). What is Shirk and are there different kinds of it?

The belief that takes the person outside Islam is believing in a partner to the Almighty Creator in His creation, like believing in a god for goodness and another for evil etc. Another form of it is worshiping idols as Arabs used to do in the time of ignorance before Islam. The name of lesser Shirk is given to the person that does certain acts of worship to show people that he is a religious person and this is a major sin but does not take the person outside Islam.

Is it obligatory to seek the permission of the girl’s mother or brother for marriage if her father has died?

If her father and paternal grandfather have died, then there is no need to seek the permission of any of her relatives.

Is it permissible during ghusl to fill up the bathtub and to just dip one’s whole body into it?

Yes, performing the ghusl in a bathtub by submerging the entire body into water is correct.

What is the ruling if one was in the mosque and a little bit of blood came out of his wound onto the floor of the mosque?

It is obligatory to remove the najasah from the mosque and restore its taharah again.