The Letter of The Office of His Eminence to The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon

The Letter of The Office of His Eminence to The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon
The Office of His Eminence Sent a Letter to UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon The office of his Eminence, the religious authority, Sayyid Mohammed Saeed Al-Hakeem (may Allah prolong his life) sent a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. It was delivered by Dr. Abdul-Hadi Al-Hakeem to the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Iraq, Martin Kobler, on Sunday February 24th, 2013. The letter condemned the criminal attacks against Shia civilians in various countries especially in Iraq and Pakistan. The terrorist acts which include kidnapping and killing, are directed against civilian gatherings like places of worships, marketplaces, residential areas and the like. The letter called the international community and the United Nations to undertake their humanitarian responsibility in stopping the bloodshed of innocent Shias throughout the world and to classify these acts of terror as crimes against humanity and genocide. It also warns that not seriously standing against these ruthless crimes could lead to undesired consequences, including the feeling of the targeted people that moderation and rationality do not provide them with safety.

Day Questions

Can one be considered a Shia if he does not say the third testimony in Athan since it is testifying the belief in Imam Ali as the successor of the Prophet (peace be upon them)?

The third testimony in the Athan does not affect one’s belief. Shiasm is the belief in the leadership – Imamate - of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) and the Imams among his descendants. Athan could indicate this belief.

Can a man wear a chain with a ring (not gold) on his neck?

Wearing the ring in a chain around one’s neck by itself is permissible, unless doing so is considered as emulation of women or it leads to humiliation or similar results which are prohibited to bring about, then it becomes impermissible.

What is the ruling regarding the hair of a cat? Is it tahir so long as I do not know it to be najis? And can I pray while I have cat hair on my clothes or body?

Yes, the hair of a cat is regarded as Tahir unless it is known to have become Najis. But the prayer is invalid based on an obligatory precaution if the individual has on his body or clothes any part of an animal whose meat is impermissible to eat – like a cat – even if it is hair or fur.

A few days ago I was cleaning my terrace where I found a bag in which there were several pieces of paper and threads, which imply magic. What should I do with it?

One should look for its owner and give it to him. With despair of finding the owner, one should give it as a charity on the owner’s behalf. If the papers have the name(s) of Allah written on them, one should dispose of them by placing them in a river or the like. You should not be afraid of its effect and depend on Almighty Allah, and recite Ayatul Kursi as it is known that it is beneficial in such cases.